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Captain Hook & Emma cisne (OUAT)| Skylar Grey - I know tu

►Elsa & Anna | No One's Here To Sleep

► Elsa || It's a Beautiful Kind of Pain

Emma cisne || Alone [4x07]

Emma cisne | I'll Try

Hook & Emma || Take me back to the start

| So Cold | Once Upon A Time |

| Shatter Me | Once Upon A Time |

Outlaw queen + CaptainSwan - Firework

regina & robin | can't stop

Emma and Hook - God must have spent a little más time on tu

Hook & Emma | The words

Captain cisne / never stop

Regina Mills and Robin capucha, campana ~ Outlaw queen ~ amor Me Like tu Do

OUAT | The Straight Story

Robin & Regina ll amor me like tu do

Emma and Hook - amor will find a way

OUAT ✖ Don't Tell Them Anything

Killian Jones | Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Emma and Hook | kiss me. [+4x05]

Emma & Hook || It's Everything tu Wanted

Once Upon a Frozen-For the first time in forever

Rumplestiltskin & Belle | So Close

OUAT Ladies - blown away

what is love? | hook & emma

#1 Once Upon A Time | crack!vid

Once Upon A Time ►Crack Video #1 [S3 SPOILERS]

once upon a time || crack vid | song spoof - season 4a

"You are a STALKER..." | OUAT [HUMOR]

Regina & Robin || amor mostrar

Regina & Robin || Tomorrow

OutlawQueen/CaptainSwan "What I was Living for"

Look How They Shine

Once Upon A Time Ships for Centuries

Once Upon a Time | So Cold

Valentines día :: Once Upon A Time Style

Once Upon A Time || Ever Ever After

OUAT crack! |

*Emma Swan* || That Don't Impress Me Much ||

Once Upon A Time Ladies // Bad Reputation

● Captain Hook || Everybody Loves Me {Once Upon A Time }

Do it Like a Dude- OUAT

OUAT || Rumplestiltskin [Rumple] ►► I'm the Dark One

Women! of OUAT → The Big Bang

ouat women | who run the world?

Sexy and I Know it- OUAT Guys

OUAT Girls➤Stronger

hook/emma: tu always make me smile

once upon a time | all I want for christmas..

regina mills ♛ the corazón wants what it wants [4x08]

Captain Swan: Wings

hook || for your entertainment

Starry Eyed | Emma & Killian

Long After Your Gone... | Killian & Emma

➳ Emma & Hook (Captain Swan) | amor Me Like tu Do

Once Upon a Time | Take Me to Church

HOT MESS: ouat

captain cisne || wrapped up

remember me for centuries once upon a time

Once Upon A Time |3x07| "Dark Hollow" Opening Credits

Hook & Emma | Summertime Sadness [+3x17]

Hook & Emma | Wings

Emma and Hook | Little Wonders

Hook and Emma---I can be your Hero

Regina & Robin and Hook & Emma

Captain cisne - Iris

|| Jefferson ღ Hot Mess

Once Upon a Time: World on fuego

Once Upon a Time (AU): fuego Trailer

M83-Wait (OUAT) Captain Hook & Emma cisne


Emma & killian|A año without rain♥

Hook & Emma || Get it Right

Once Upon a Time || The Snow queen - 4x07 - crack

crazy in amor [regina mills]

Peter Pan; Once Upon a Dream

Emma and Hook - What i've been looking for

[OUaT] Rumplestiltskin x Belle: Clarity

Emma & Hook || Thousand years

rumplestiltskin ● i know that you're scared

(OUAT/Disney) Elsa - Rebirth

Elsa - "It's where my demons hide"

OUAT Rumpelstiltskin & Belle ( Rumbelle ) – only tu can send me under

[captain swan] my demons

Emma cisne {Break Free}

Killian Jones ✘ Hot Mǝss

Killian | Emma (Captain Swan) - Crawl (Carry Me Through)

blinding ♛ captain cisne au

snow + charming; 500 miles

[ hook/emma || let me amor tu ]

OUAT Captain Hook/Killian Jones - 'It's not easy'

Once Upon A Time || Emma & Killian - Gotta Get Me Some

Captain cisne & Outlaw queen || Dark Horse

Outlaw Queen- Are tu ready for a perfect storm

Red queen # wonderland

Jafar x Regina || Rumplestiltskin x Red queen (Power & Control ღ)

Regina + Zelena + anastasia | Good Intentions

Emma + Neal: || Take me to church ||

anna and elsa // unconditionally

Hook&Emma • Illuminated