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♥Rumpelstiltskin & Belle♥ amor me like tu do (Rumbelle OUAT)

Emma & Hook | Hold My Hand | Once Upon A Time (Captain Swan)

Hook & Emma || It Is tu I Have Loved

▶ OUAT 4x17 corazón of oro Sneak Peek #1

Robin Hood║Songs for Regina ♥ [Once Upon A Time]

A Hero's Journey | Hook & Emma

We Might Fall | Hook & Emma

Once Upon A Time/This Is War (30 segundo to Mars)

[OUAT] Once Upon A Time - This is war

once upon a time || light em up [villains]

Cruella De Vil [OUAT] ✖ amor me Hate me

killian & emma [ all of me ]

Once Upon a Dream-Killian Jones x Emma cisne (OUAT)

Emma and Killian - Far longer then forever

Emma and Hook I Wouldn't Mind

Hook & Emma • Fix tu (+4x16)

Emma and August - I'll take the fall for tu

Maleficent - Don't look back [OUAT]

OUaT - 4x16 CRACK

Hook & Emma ● "It's you"

OUAT Huntsman-Graham and Emma

OUAT | Afraid Of Me - Regina and Robin (Outlaw Queen)

Emma cisne | So cold [OUAT]

Once upon a time - Kissers [Humor ouat]

Emma cisne | Wild

Hook and Emma - It's tu

Don't tu Know? || Hook & Emma

Hook & Emma || amor Me Like tu Do

♠ Queens of Darkness║Everybody Wants to Rule the World [OUAT]

the darkness ► killian | hook & emma

Maleficent | someone must know her... [+4x17]

ouat villains; guillotina

emma + august | back to me {+4.17}

CaptainSwan | I will always return

killian & emma ● just the way tu are

Once Upon A Time || Crack! 4x16

Once Upon a Time Crack! - Best Laid Plans [4x16]

Once Upon a Time Crack! -Best Laid Plans | 4x16

Only Human | OUAT

#8 OUAT CRACK | Best Laid Plans[4x16]

Everybody Wants To Rule The World ll Peter Pan (OUAT)

►Killian & Emma | I Know tu (+4x16)

hook & emma | it's tu

Hook & Emma | Tell me tu amor me [4x16]

Killian ▪ Emma | no rest for the wicked!

Once Upon A Time - Best Laid Plans - Crack!

Captain hook | ouat tribute I am a pirate

OUAT|| Hook and Emma - Somewhere There [4x15]

Hook & Emma || It's tu (4x15)

Once Upon a Time 4x17 Promo "Heart of Gold" (HD)

Once Upon a Time 4x17 Promo "Heart of Gold" (HD)

Regina & Robin | amor tu Like A amor Song [4x15]

this genuine, selfless connection between people

Robin & Regina | Photograph

Regina + Robin II tu need amor

♔ Regina Mills || Rest your soul ||

Once Upon a Time Crack! - Poor Unfortunate Soul [4x15]

Emma and Hook | Diamonds

Hook & Emma | Bloodstream (4x15)

it's tu | hook & emma [4x15]

● [hook +emma | it's in her dna]

Once Upon A Time 4x16 - Best Laid Plans (2 Sneak Peek)

✗C O S M O S || Peter Pan

(ouat) felix + peter pan | too far gone

bad moon rising | OUAT

Hook & Emma | Don't tu Know?

Captain cisne || I'm gonna be [+ 4x15]

Hook & Emma || kiss Me

►Robin + Regina | "I wanna get back to that"

||OnCe UpOn A tImE... there was no happy ending||

OUAT ~ Queens of Darkness ft. Maleficent ~ Shall We Begin

OUaT Crack! | Poor Unfortunate Soul

Flaws || Regina & Snow (OUAT)

Captain cisne || amor

Emma+Hook /Once Upon a Time/

Hook & Ursula Flashback 4x15 Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 4x15 | Killian Meeting Ursula

Ursula Sings "Fathoms Below" - Once Upon A Time

Evil Ways (Blues Saraceno) Captain Hook (Killian Jones) ~ OUAT

captain cisne / poldark trailer

Hook & Emma || You're my happy ending [4x15]

Hook & Emma | IT'S YOU. [4x15]

Killian & Emma || This I Promise tu [4x15]

hook + belle | but it's okay with me

wendy+peter || animales

Dragon queen (ouat) ♛ E.T.

Once Upon a Time Crack! - Poor Unfortunate Soul | 4x15

●O.U.A.T || Radioactive

Captain Swan: I Found

Captain cisne || Light

Emma & Hook | Fallin For tu [+ 4x15]

Hook & Emma || Feels LIke inicial [4x13]

Hook & Emma - 'It's You' (4x15)

Somebody To Die For | Emma & Hook

» emma & killian • don't you know, emma. it's you

Hook & Emma | Gotta Be Somebody

OUAT Emma Swan- I See fuego

it's tu | hook & emma

You’re my happy ending || Hook/Emma

Once Upon A Time 4x16 - Best Laid Plans (CTV Promo)