once upon a time What was your favorito! scene/part in 'The Price'? (5x02)

Pick one:
Dopey goes across the town line, turning into a árbol
The Residents of Storybook meet Arthur's wife, Guinevere
King Arthur shows them the árbol Merlin's trapped in
Regina tells King Arthur she's the Savior
Hook asks Belle about 'True Love's Kiss'
Henry summons the Dark cisne
Grumpy & Happy discuss how to feed Tree-ified-Dopey
Regina and Emma talk in Merlin's Tower
Robin capucha, campana talks to Regina about how far she's come
King Arthur is reunited with Guinevere
Robin is taken por the Fury
Dark cisne welcomes Hook to her new inicial
The Fury and Regina fight
Percival gives Regina a collar
David & Mary Margaret teach Regina how to dance
Mary Margaret gets to dress up Emma before the Ball
Regina confronts Comatose Rumple about him making her the Evil queen
Leroy talks to Belle about Hope in regards to her Rose in a Glass Jar
David gives Henry consejos on girls
Henry shares the música on his iPod with violeta / Ball Dancing Scene
Charming saves Robin capucha, campana from Percival
Regina visits Emma / Dark cisne talks to Regina about 'The Price'
Emma heals Robin capucha, campana
Mary Margaret, David & Leroy band together with Regina to stop the Fury
Hook tells Belle he'll spend however long it takes "to save the women he loves"
Henry & violeta listen to música on the Juxebox
Dark cisne watches all of her friends & family together inside Granny's
Guinevere & Arthur talk at the Round mesa, tabla about Excalibur
The Dark One's ending monologue
Dark cisne tries to remove Excalibur from the Stone
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