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This once upon a time arte de los fans contains dama de honor, ramo, ramillete, ramillete de flores, ramo de flores, traje de negocios, and juego de negocio.

Awhile hace I went to a Once con and I wanted to briefly share my experience. I was blessed to spend a whole weekend at the con. más over it was the first convention I've ever attended, so it was a new experience.

When I first got there it was a bit confusing because the place it was held at was so big. But I found that pretty much all of the staff were really helpful and friendly. The first thing that happened was a welcome session with Michael and (I think) Gil. was an absolute joy he had so much dark humor I was dying lol. Some time later was the autograph session with those two actors. It...
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I think that Tougher Than the Rest was a pretty solid and enjoyable episode. And with Robin coming back on the screen there have been a mix of opinions around the net. Personally I'm very excited for it.

I'm gonna get the negative out of the way first. The one thing I didn't like about this episode was that it seemed so rushed. For one I'm surprised that they left the wish realm so quickly, in one episode. I've noticed that lately Once has been action, action, action, and not enough plot. I do think that the wish verse should have been expanded on and used more. I mean there was a lot going...
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Spoiler alert: This articulo contains spoilers for several seasons of Once Upon a Time. tu have been warned.

The Reality of Heroes

After several seasons of Once Upon a Time I have come to the conclusion that being a hero isn't about being popular; it is instead about something more. I believe that it's about recognizing your responsibility, being accountable for your actions and, when tu make a mistake, its about making the sacrifices necessary to set things right.

If the reality of being a hero is all about responsibility, accountability and sacrifice, then let’s begin por examining the actions...
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“Regina, I have something tu need to see.” David announced.

“David, I just got inicial from an alternate universe, can’t this wait?” Regina frowned.

David set a fair-sized cage upon the counter. “You bought me a pet snake?” Regina asked, knitting her brows quizzically. “A venomous one too…”

“It’s not just any poisonous snake.” David replied. “This one prefers to poison it’s victims with apples instead of fangs.”

Regina stared blankly for a few moments and then her eyes went wide, “she got herself turned into a serpent!?” She huffed, pinching the bridge of her...
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A lot of people seem to be really ripping into Regina because of last week's episode. I do admit there were some aspects that I have to agree with these people on but there are also quite a few places where I think people are being too hard on her. So I'm going to be playing a bit of Devil's advocate.
With that said; a good lot of the points and topics I'm going to discuss are things I've seen on tumblr.

Speeding Up Belle's Pregnancy

This is one of the main complaints I see over on tumblr.

First and foremost while the queen comes from Regina I still believe there is a pretty decent line separating...
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The afternoon was clear and warm. Emma was jogging down a path through the sun-lit woods, her blonde hair tied back in a long ponytail. She wasn't thrilled about Hook coming along on a jog, but she had agreed to let him tag along. Emma was jogging in a tank parte superior, arriba and shorts, but Hook was wearing his usual black layers. He was also sweating terribly.

"Swan. Swan, slow down," Hook panted, trying to keep up. "Let's give it rest, eh, love?"

But Emma kept up her pace, keeping her eyes firmly on the path ahead of her. "Here, drink some water," she said, giving him her bottle.

Hook took a swig of the bottled...
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I feel sorry for Emma Swan. I may not like her very much at the moment. But I do feel sorry for her. más importantly, she has become, since Season Two, one of the most frustrating characters on "ONCE UPON A TIME". Which is probably why I have just written my third o fourth articulo about her.

From the moment her son Henry Mills found her in the series' premiere episode, (1.01) "Pilot" and revealed that she was destined to break a curse cast por his adopted mother, Regina Mills that currently trapped the citizens of Storybrooke; she has been stuck with the role of "Savior"....
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