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KataraLover posted on May 12, 2015 at 03:51AM
Okay, so someone will say a character, then you'll rate them on a scale of 1-10. Them you'll list another character. Like this:
A: Regina.
B: 10/10. I LOVE her, she's my favorite! Charming.
C: 1/10. Hate him. Belle.
D: 7/10 I really like her. Henry.

And it goes on..

Also, please don't say you like or dislike a character just because of the actor that plays them or dislike them because they killed a character you like because those aren't really good reasons.

I'll start:
Emma Swan

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hace más de un año Fieryrubes said…
5/10 because she used to be my favourite and I love Jen but then she killed Cruella and she doesn't seem herself to me (IMO it's a good enough reason to dislike her; if someone killed your favourite you're not going to like them)

Next: Hook
hace más de un año KataraLover said…
7/10 I like him but he did annoy me at the beginning with his arrogance. Plus I really would prefer him not to be with Emma and for Neal to be with her, even though he's dead.

Next: Belle
hace más de un año Fieryrubes said…
9/10 I never used to like her but she has grown on me; I think she's became a stronger character and has really stood up for herself when she's needed to. Like with Regina and Rumple.

Next: Blue
hace más de un año MariLena16 said…
5/10 I was always indifferent with her character. There were times that i hated her but there were times she was ok. So i give her 5.

Next: Robin Hood
hace más de un año KataraLover said…
9/10 He's a great character!

Next: Ariel
hace más de un año Fieryrubes said…
9.5/10 I absolutley adore Ariel, she's such a sweetheart and deserves much more screentime. I miss her.

Next: Tinkerbell
hace más de un año LLheart said…
5/10 I guess she is O.K. but the thing is I don't really miss her!So...

Next: Dr. Whale
hace más de un año Fieryrubes said…
2/10 Really can't stand him.

Next: Tamara
hace más de un año KataraLover said…
7/10 I really like her

Next: Henry
hace más de un año LLheart said…
8/10 He has really grown on me in the finale of season 4

Next: Granny
hace más de un año KataraLover said…
1/10 I HATE her! She's a liar, she's rude, and she's always pointing fingers at everyone and causing trouble.

Next: Charming
hace más de un año magichand said…
3/10 He is okay, he's noble, brave, smart and good person. But he's also very boring. Not that interesanting.

Next: Cruella
hace más de un año KataraLover said…
9/10 AMAZING and absolutely CRAZY! If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.

Next: Zelena
hace más de un año Kitcatcmp said…
2/10 She's a horrible bitch who ruins people's lives, but she was given up by her mother, raised abusively, and hated life. I understand where her evilness comes from

Next: Neal/Baelfire
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hace más de un año Fieryrubes said…
9/10 Loved him.

Next: Ruby
hace más de un año WinterSpirit809 said…
Ruby: 6/10 She was okay, but she occasionally gets on my nerves.

Next: Rumpple/ Mr.Gold.
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hace más de un año KataraLover said…
Depends on which season. But right now I'd have to give him a 2/10