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Fieryrubes posted on Jul 17, 2014 at 03:30AM
Okay, so I came up with an idea that I could start another icon contest but a different one.

Each round you will sign up for a new character and there will be new themes for the character each round.


Round 1- I sign up for Ruby.
The themes for Round 1 may include~
1. Sadness
2. Family
3. Blue
4. Close up
5. Episode backstory

So for each one you would have to make an icon for your character referring to the theme. So maybe for sadness I'd pick when she found Billy dead. Then for blue have a blue background. Episode backstory I may make an icon from the episode "Red-Handed"

So if you want to play just comment your character of choice in the comments box for round 1 and I'll put your name and character in the sign up bit :)

PS If a character you want has already been taken, you'll have to pick another one.

Round 1- Themes:
1. Happiness
2. Friendship
3. Ship
4. Green (background, item of clothing etc..)
5. Crying/sadness

Round 1 signups:
Fieryrubes- August W Booth
Zanhar1- Regina Mills
Ledger_m- Emma Swan
marakii- Snow White
misscindyspice- Ruby Lucas
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