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Evilregal14 posted on Mar 20, 2014 at 03:17PM
In here you can post any theory you have about any characters/episodes/promos or just a random theory.

It can be about OUATIW as well as OUAT.

I thought about doing this because when someone posts their theory on the wall, it sometimes gets to filled up with loads of comments.
 In here tu can post any theory tu have about any characters/episodes/promos o just a misceláneo theory

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hace más de un año Evilregal14 said…
So in the cast list for "And they lived..." for OUATIW which is the finale it has listed "Alice's daughter" This makes me think that they're doing a "harry potter style ending" where it shows you maybe 5 years in the future to Alice and Cyrus living happily with their child. It also has Edwin, Sarah, and Mrs Rabbit listed. I think Alice will reunite with Edwin and he will kick Sarah out, and she and Millie will find somewhere else to live. Mrs Rabbit (is so cute) will probably help gather an army to fight against Jafar along with Percy/White Rabbit. I think Jafar will be defeated in the end, maybe even killed, and Wonderland will be a glorious place.
hace más de un año matchesrulezu said…

So I saw this theory on another site and it makes so much sense.

You know the phrase "green with envy"? What if that's why Zelena turned green?? She was so envious of Regina, loved by their mother, Cora, and the one Rumple accepted as a student when Zelena wanted Rumple to teach her, that it turned her skin green.

In 3.14, she even said that their physical appearance showed their true colors (ba-dum-tiss) and that they couldn't hide it. Zelena is jealous and so incredibly envious of Regina and the life Regina had, that she literally became green with envy. So we can be sure that if Miss Zelena catches wind that Regina has a little crush on Sir Robin Hood and that he's her True Love, we can be sure that Zelena will promptly attempt to squash that little bug.

This idea just makes sense, to me. And then double up that envy if it turns out that Leopold did have an affair with Cora, ending up with Cora being pregnant with Zelena, making Zelena half-sisters with Snow.. She'd be jealous and envious of Snow and Regina. It'd be no wonder her skin turned green. And it would shed a little more light onto why Zelena seems to be so interested in Snow and Snow's unborn child. I saw one theory that Zelena might try to steal Snow's child to raise it as her own.
hace más de un año matchesrulezu said…
I was hoping he would tell her about the curse (I feel like she should have a say in whether she should kiss him or take a chance against Zelena, and I believe Killian thinks so, too, but isn't sure how to approach it), but it seems like it's all going to come out in the next episode. In the sneak peek, Zelena said something about "I'm going to have to start killing people now" and it showed a clip of her holding Henry, but then there's some blinding white light that seems to hurt Zelena. Now the question is: is it Emma's magic that does that? Or since Glinda makes an appearance in that episode, does Glinda appear in Storybrooke to save the day for Henry?

It might be Emma's because Zelena would want to do it in front of her and Emma's magic is strongly powered by emotion. By threatening to harm Henry, it would probably unlock some strong depths of her magic that she hasn't tapped into yet and it could reveal how truly powerful Emma is. Because the light was white, I think it's either Glinda's magic or Emma's.

Either way, it seems Henry is about to get acquainted with magic and what's really going on in Storybrooke and I hope that Emma doesn't get mad at Killian for not telling her about the ultimatum Zelena gave him sooner. :/

Unless Killian does tell her and that's why Zelena says she's going to have to start killing people now.