once upon a time OUaT 30 día Challenge

SherlockStark posted on Oct 24, 2013 at 02:50AM
I love this game :) I've found it on many different spots, so I modified it for OUaT so we could play here.


You start with answering question 1 and then come back each day and answer the next one until you're done. You don't have to do it for 30 days in a row you may take breaks. You can post pictures if you want. And that's it - it's really fun!

Day 1 - Your favorite character

Day 2 - Your least favorite character

Day 3 - Your favorite season

Day 4 - Your favorite episode

Day 5 - Your least favorite episode

Day 6 - Your favorite quote

Day 7 - Your favorite funny scene

Day 8 - A scene that makes you sad/cry

Day 9 - A scene that makes you happy

Day 10 - A scene that makes you angry

Day 11 - Your favorite friendship

Day 12 - Your favorite couple

Day 13 - Your favorite minor character

Day 14 - The character that is most like you

Day 15 - The character that is least like you

Day 16 - Something you wish never happened

Day 17 - Something that you wish happened but didn’t

Day 18 - A character you hated but grew to love

Day 19 - A character that needs more screen time

Day 20 - Favorite character from their original story(s)

Day 21 - Favorite character growth arc

Day 22 - Favorite character screwed over by canon

Day 23 - A character you love but everyone else hates

Day 24 - A character you hate but everyone else loves

Day 25 - Favorite family relationship

Day 26 - Most surprising plot twist

Day 27 - Character you would like to see added to the show next

Day 28 - Character you would bring back to life

Day 29 - Character you would kill off

Day 30 - A song that fits your favorite character

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hace más de un año SherlockStark said…
Day 1: Favorite Character

Rumpelstiltskin / Gold <33
 día 1: favorito! Character Rumpelstiltskin / oro <33
hace más de un año Diamond_Queen said…
I love this game!! haha
Day 1: Favorite Character
Rumpel and Regina (can't choose) <3 I know, I'm terrible at this challenge xD
 I amor this game!! haha día 1: favorito! Character Rumpel and Regina (can't choose) <3 I know, I'm
SherlockStark commented…
Lol! :D Glad tu amor the game, as well! hace más de un año
Diamond_Queen commented…
:D hace más de un año
hace más de un año Evilregal14 said…
Day 1: Ruby :)
hace más de un año Evilregal14 said…
Day 2: Albert/King George
hace más de un año Diamond_Queen said…
Day 2: The Blue Fairy
hace más de un año SherlockStark said…
Day 2: Least Favorite Character

King George / Albert Spencer
 día 2: Least favorito! Character King George / Albert Spencer
Evilregal14 commented…
Agreed (no need for a picture lol! :P) XD hace más de un año
SherlockStark commented…
Lol! I know, but I kind of treat this game as an icontest and make iconos for each answer. :) hace más de un año
hace más de un año Diamond_Queen said…
Day 3: Love both seasons equally <3 and I'm really loving season 3 too for the moment, we'll have to see how it develops :)
hace más de un año Evilregal14 said…
Day 3: 2
hace más de un año SherlockStark said…
Day 3: Favorite Season

I love them all, so far; but I'll go ahead and pick the season that started it all - Season 1.
 día 3: favorito! Season I amor them all, so far; but I'll go ahead and pick the season that started
hace más de un año Diamond_Queen said…
Day 4: I love sooo many episodes. I don't really have a particular favourite but one I can think of right now is The Miller's Daughter. I loved it so much <3
hace más de un año SherlockStark said…
big smile
Day 4: Favorite Episode

My favorite episodes are the Rumpel-centric episodes (or just episodes with a bunch of Rumpel in them) and "Hat Trick" & "In the Name of the Brother" & "Good Form"

Yeah... more than one; shoot, I failed to choose 1! XD

For the sake of an icon how about "The Price of Gold."
last edited hace más de un año
 día 4: favorito! Episode My favorito! episodes are the Rumpel-centric episodes (or just episodes wit
Diamond_Queen commented…
"Good form" was so awesome. My favourite episode of the season so far:) hace más de un año
SherlockStark commented…
I know! I loved it! :D hace más de un año
hace más de un año PeterPantheBest said…
Day 1: Favorite caracter: Peter Pan
 día 1: favorito! caracter: Peter Pan
hace más de un año Evilregal14 said…
Day 4: The Miller's daughter
hace más de un año SherlockStark said…
Day 5: Least Favorite Episode

"Selfless, Brave & True"
 día 5: Least favorito! Episode "Selfless, Valiente & True"
hace más de un año marakii said…
Day 1: Snow White / Mary-Margaret Blanchard
 <b>Day 1:</b> Snow White / Mary-Margaret Blanchard