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Darkangel6 posted on Aug 14, 2013 at 12:52AM
I just thought that I would start an RPG. you can be anyone you want. from the show, an Original or someone not yet seen on the show. I'll start. just give any information you want

Name: Pocahontas (Real life) Leah Carson

Lives in Story Brooke: Is a teacher, works with Mary Margaret.

Crushes: has a crush on Doctor Whale

Hobbies: Archery, swimming

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hace más de un año intrigued1 said…
Thats a cool one. I totaly fogot about the indian princess. hmm I have to think on this one .
hace más de un año intrigued1 said…

Princess Jasmine, real life. Isabella
Occupation - Veterinarian
Dreams of traveling the world. Volunteers at the orphanage.
Hobbies - singing and shoe shopping (she is a princess at heart you know)
hace más de un año intrigued1 said…

Gingerbread man. (real life). Jean Pierre Passiterre

Occupation: Baker

Hobbies: Avid runner, raises money for orphanage hosting events
Was good friends with Gus/Billy.
hace más de un año Darkangel6 said…
Whenever you want to start we can