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A lot of people seem to be really ripping into Regina because of last week's episode. I do admit there were some aspects that I have to agree with these people on but there are also quite a few places where I think people are being too hard on her. So I'm going to be playing a bit of Devil's advocate.
With that said; a good lot of the points and topics I'm going to discuss are things I've seen on tumblr.

Speeding Up Belle's Pregnancy

This is one of the main complaints I see over on tumblr.

First and foremost while the queen comes from Regina I still believe there is a pretty decent line separating the pair. Regina is the good half and the queen is the evil half--duh. Before the queen at least had that small and good part of herself to keep her in check. This queen doesn't, Regina isn't there to act as a road block so the queen just does whatever her little evil black corazón desires.
The only thing I feel like people can get mayor Regina for, in this regard, is for thinking that splitting herself was a good idea in the first place in the first place.
So harsh words towards Regina I don't particularly agree with. Harsh words towards the Queen? I'm inclined to say have at it.

But to play devil's advocate; oro did screw with the queen first. As per usual he was just using her as a pawn. He tried to get her to kill her own sister to gain his companionship and alliance. Truth be told he just wanted Zelena out of the way. After she figured that out she decided to jab back. Rumple knows she's a sucker for vengeance. Everyone in Storybrooke Maine, and then some knows it. I feel like things would have went a bit different if he hadn't come at her with things like "you wanna see failure, look it the mirror."
In short, he was playing with fire. Both of them were, because both oro and the queen are dangerous allies to anyone.

On parte superior, arriba of that Rumple created her. He even says "I've made my monster." And has a hearty chuckle over his crafty work. Rumple had a huge hand in the Queen's existence. People constantly shout that Regina has to deal with all of the things she created. Well so does Rumple. He created the Queen, he taught her how to be vindictive and manipulative. por example he taught her some of that tedious trickery. And she used what she learned to screw with him. In this instance and in the above paragraph he made his cama and he's going to have to lie in it.

That was me completely playing devil's advocate. My genuine thoughts; I do stand por what I dicho above, but with an added detail.
I still don't think she's in the right and I understand why the fans are unhappy with her. But not because she screwed with Rumple. I understand why they are mad in light of Belle. Rumple, he got what was coming to him. Belle was once again an innocent victim. I feel bad for her, she's always the one who gets screwed over when the queen (or anyone for that matter) tries to get back at Rumple. This is where I can see people being angry with Regina/the Queen. But I firmly believe that Rumple had it coming.

"The AU is all her fault, she screwed everyone over again!

Again I'd like to establish that line between the queen and Regina. Regina did not have a hand in the AU the queen did.

But I'd like to remind us of who made the wish in the first place. She's blonde and her last name is Swan. I amor her, but she was the one who made the wish that she was never the savior. A certain raven haired, corazón stealing, queen simply decided to help grant this wish.
With that dicho I'm only blaming Emma in the same way that I'm blaming Regina for everything that happened with the split. (In other words I'm not being harsh on her at all). Like Regina she simply didn't realize that her feverish wishing was going to have such a huge impact. But it did no less. Just how Regina has her huge insecurities and tragic flaws; Emma has 'em too. And her huge flaw seems to be her escapist nature. She tends to run away from things. Just like how Gina's insecurities keep making a mess of things, Emma's longing to cut ties with her fate get Storybrooke enredados up in a lot too.

I'm not saying the queen didn't create the AU, she did. But someone put the idea into her head. Now I am going to say that Regina didn't do this--again her only part in this one was separating herself in the first place Regina in fact (based on the trailer) seems rather hellbent on fixing this one. It seems like her goal in the siguiente episode is to find Emma and set things right. People seem to be ignoring this.

Speaking of 'it seems like', as a final point, all we have right now are 'it seems like's'. We haven't even seen the AU yet! Christ, the fandom doesn't even know exactly what they're mad at Gina for and they're already mad. It's like that one time when the Gina fandom jumped the gun and got mad at Snow for not inviting her to dinner. Perhaps this AU really will be that awful; but maybe it won't. I think it's good to wait and see what happens before hating on Regina for it.

Blaming Zelena

I saved this one for last because believe it o not this one is harder for me to play devil's advocate for, as I do believe that Regina is in the wrong here. And I am a bit disappointed in her. However I think she's getting a lot of shit for this in particular and it seems like a lot of people are now escritura her entire redemption arc off.

As I dicho on this poll; link
"I gotta say I was a bit disappointed. I amor Regina and I typically don't get disappointed with my favoritos but she let me down a bit here. I find it odd how little sympathy she has for Zelena, especially in saying 'you're not me' as if she doesn't think Zelena can change. I mean she screwed up a lot herself before doing good. I get that Gina is grieving and is looking for an outlet. But I don't get why she's blaming Zelena. I feel bad for Regina but idk, I wasn't thrilled about this one."

I feel like this is how many fans feel. That after all of the times Regina herself screwed up and was dado chance after chance, how could she turn around and be so unwilling to give Zelena another? Especially since Zelena is actually trying.
The answer is grief. Grief and heartbreak isn't rational. Grief is emotionally driven not logically driven. Above I mentioned that Regina had a tragic flaw but didn't say what I believe it is. Well here it is; I think her tragic flaw is that she has absolutely no freaking idea how to cope with losses. In a psych class I took a while back we learned about these lovely things called defense mechanisms that include things like; denial, regression, displacement, dissociation, etc.These are one's conscious o unconscious ways of saving pride and/or self-image. Regina seems to be quite fond of displacement, aka [/i]" Displacement is the redirection of an impulse (usually aggression) onto a powerless substitute target."[/i] In other words her anger is misplaced. As she was powerless to do anything to her mother when Dan was killed so she redirected it onto Snow, she is powerless to do anything to Hades. Because Hades is dead. And since Hades is dead, Regina has nowhere else to place her anger, so she put it on Zelena. Zelena is the substitute.

In other words, everyone saying that Regina is being irrational is right. She is. But once again, grief isn't a rational thing. People are yelling at Regina for being human. Displacement is one of many common coping mechanisms that the brain will use. In truth Regina probably feels like Robin's death is her fault. But in my days of psychology I've come to learn that there's nothing that the brain hates más than a hurt ego. The brain doesn't like self-blame. And ya know what's easier on one's pride than blaming him o herself? Blaming someone else. This is Regina's tragic flaw. And once again, it's very human. And honestly I think that I was being a bit hard on her in the beginning. Because after sitting down and thinking about it; I do the same damn thing. Displacement is the coping mechanism I usually use. When a situation is beyond my control, I tend to find someone to blame it on so I can have an outlet. I bring this up because I feel like there are probably a lot of other people in this fandom who do the same thing. Because once again, it's human. It's natural. Regina is human.

And that's the crazy thing about this show; the character are written so psychologically complex. Adam and Eddy have their low points and plot holes but they are amazing at escritura multi-dimensional characters with very real flaws. And very real ways of coping with loss.

Am I saying that because Regina is grieving and that the fact that her thinking is biologically natural makes it right? Hell no! What I am saying is that it makes it understandable. What I am saying is that the fandom shouldn't be disregarding her entire redemption arc over it.

I was guilty of saying that this is out of behavior for her character. But sitting and thinking about it, I think I might be wrong. I think her grief has clouded her sympathy and is making it hard for her to put herself in Zelena's shoes. I think that at the current moment she doesn't want to think about the woman she was because it hurts too much.
Do I wish she would let those clouds clear and remember how many chances she was given? Hell yes. And I hope she does.
But as it stands she's not. In the Once world it's only been a week o so since Robin died? Between the Untold Stories and her evil counterpart, Regina hasn't had time to properly grieve and I think that that's a pretty huge contributor.

On a completely different note I have a segundo theory as to why it's so hard for her to sympathize with Zelena. One thing that I keep coming back to in my head is that good Regina's treatment of Zelena reminds me a lot of how Mary used to treat Regina. And then I got to thinking that; what if the reason Regina is being less sympathetic is because she is without her evil half? Without the queen inside of her she doesn't quite have that sense of herself. In the same way that I used to bash Snow for being self-righteous, I will now do the same for Regina. Because I think that's low key what it is. Without the evil queen she might just have less sympathy for the evil side. I'm hoping that if the two merge back together it'll help Regina realize that she was being too hard on Zelena.
That dicho this is más of a lesser theory for me, I believe más in the grief thing, but I think that this could be a possibility o a minor factor too.

I'd also like to throw in a good point that I saw here on fanpop; that Zelena really only did one good thing; saving them from Hades. But that's only one thing. Regina sacrificed herself multiple times before anyone even began to accept her. And even after those sacrifices it took a lot of time. Zelena still has a lot of work to do. She's still done más harm than good as of late. She's my segundo favorito! character, but she still has to earn trust just as Regina and Hook had to. With that put out there I'd like to point out that, Regina is to Zelena what Henry was to Regina. How many times did Henry get angry at Regina o lose faith in her? How many times did Henry seem unsympathetic to her? A lot. This is also about trust. I think that Regina still doesn't know if she could trust Zelena in the same way Henry didn't know that he could trust Regina. Long story short this isn't just about Robin and. Zelena shouldn't get a free pass. Again, I think Regina should be a bit más sympathetic seeing as she's been in Zelena's place. But I also don't think that she should have it easier than our other two redeemed characters.

And finally, I think that to some degree Regina is just fooling herself. I think that she's just saying that she can't forgive Zelena. I'm not buying the whole "it's what heroes do" speech. I think she saved Zelena because she cares. If she didn't want to help Zelena she wouldn't have. We all know that Regina has a bit of trouble mostrando care. What gives me this impression is that she stuck around to heal Zelena too. She didn't have to; she saved the woman, Zelena wouldn't have died if Regina didn't heal her. But Regina did it anyways. Regina cares. Regina just doesn't want to admit that she cares.
It's a sibling thing.
Trust me lol.

That's pretty much all I have for today. Thanks for taking the time to read this. And feel free to agree o disagree in the comments. Discussion is always welcome.