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Recently I was discussing with Katara and Audrey the situation with Zelena and Regina. The situation being that argument the pair have in Regina's office where Regina blames Zelena for Robin's death and Zelena gets angry at Regina for splitting herself. Naturally I had to take a stance on this an really I found that I was sympathetic to both characters.

The first point of interest is that Zelena is angry at Regina for going to Snow for consejos as opposed to her. It is my belief that Snow was simply there at the right place at the right time. Zelena simply wasn't there. In fact, if I remember right Snow was the one came to Regina and asked her what the problem was, Regina didn't go to Snow. Snow came outside to check on Regina and Regina started talking. Zelena very well could have came out there and checked on Regina; I was kind of surprised that she didn't. This is sort of why I believe that Zelena's anger towards Regina not consulting her is a bit unfair. I also like to keep in mind that it is Regina's body/personality--she shouldn't have to ask anyone before making a decision like that. I think it was smart for her to do so but she shouldn't have to. Even so, I understand Zelena's jealousy though; she was upset that she didn't get there first and that hurt translated into her jealousy. I'd be upset and hurt to if I thought I wasn't trusted o cared for enough to be asked my opinion too. Long story short Snow simply got there first and knew what to ask to get an answer. On parte superior, arriba of that I think Regina wanted someone, anyone she could trust to talk to. And Snow was one of those people. Snow was willing to lend an ear.

Even deeper than that I can't imagine that after everything that happened between the two that there would be this immediate trust on either end. I don't think Zelena should have expected that kind of trust so soon espically considering the circumstance. Likewise Regina shouldn't expect immediate trust.

I think another issue that led to this was más of Zelena's jealousy. I also believe in that it wasn't fair of her to take the fact that she still has a way to go for redemption out on Regina just as it wasn't fair of Regina to take not being happy while Snow was out on Snow. I think that it wasn't fair of Zelena to get angry at Regina for trying to get rid of (and to some degree having success) her demons. Because Regina worked really hard to do so. However I also understand how that was hard for Zelena to see; she wished she could have that. And she feels like now no one will understand her. She just needs to realize that Regina still can understand and help her. I agreed with Audrey when she dicho that Zelena needed a better understanding of just how much Gina sacrificed and struggled. It's not something that happens over night, it's gradually earned. And Regina still struggles with her past. Regina still sometimes feels the after effects of things she had done years ago. Why should Zelena get a free pass?

But at the same time I had agreed with Katara in that of course Zelena was hurt. Of course it caused her distress to 'lose' someone so similar to her. Regina was the most similar to her. She just needs to know that Regina can still help and understand her! Even with her demons sort of gone she could understand and help Zelena. Regina splitting berself doesn't take away the memories and she still seems to struggle with her inner darkness anyhow. If only Zelena could see this.

I will also note that Regina also did kind of start the whole thing with In placing the blame on Zelena. Regina has this tendency to place blame where she shouldn't. But this is something I am guilty of myself so I find it very easy to understand. When tu lose something and can't really fight the actual cause of the loss (in this case Hades) you...well I kind of immediately seek out someone o something to take it out on so it doesn't feel like I'm doing nothing. This vessel can be strongly connected to the loss o have a vague connection to it. Regina couldn't fight Hades so she sought out someone else to put the blame on and be angry at so she doesn't have to be angry at herself. This in itself is a huge flaw of Regina's, even as a hero. But at the same time I believe that Regina's intentions in confronting Zelenawere good; she wanted to get it off of her chest and be honest and upfront instead of leaving Zelena to wonder where the tension was coming from. It just took a turn for the worse. Instead of talking it out both ladies ended up shouting and slinging accusations.

TL;DR this was just a tricky situation and to some degree a misunderstanding. I think both women were wrong to some degree but they both also had some solid arguments. Most of all I believe that both ladies are sympathetic and their actions understandable due to the grief and stress both felt.
Image credit: chaneloberlyn