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Decided to type up an articulo mostly because I'm curious about the new gif feature lol. But also because I particularly enjoy the outcome of the finale.

The outcome that I speak of is the use of the serum on Regina. The fandom (based on what I've seen in the etiquetas on tumblr) seems to be very mixed on this one. One party thinks it'll be a really neat way to have Regina face herself in such a way and the other thinks that it's very damaging to Regina's character to have she and the queen be seen as separate entities.

With that said, I wish to present some pros and cons of both;



With her evil counterpart on the scene, I think Regina will be presented with an opportunity to grow as a character, strengthen her bonds with other characters, and to genuinely forgive herself. All of which I will expand on later.

Two Times The Wonderful

The lord knows that two Reginas is the dream of Evil Regals everywhere. The only thing better than one Regina is two Reginas sparkling majestically across our televisión screens. Surely the Regina we missed out in seasons 4 and 5a will be made up for in season 6.


On a note far less serious; with another Regina comes a whole set of new ships. Like Emma and the Evil queen o Dark cisne and The Evil Queen. That doesn't strike your fancy? How about oro and the Evil Queen. Frankly I will be over here shipping queen queen as people silently judge me for shipping Regina with herself.


Also lacking the seriousness; do tu know how many awful (and probably inappropriate) jokes I can make here!? This includes but is not limited to;

- Regina talking to EQ and claiming she needed to find some way to have an intelligent conversation.
- oro finally snapping her and telling her to go screw herself. We see she and the queen exchange glances.
- Fight o screw your clone jokes


We'll get to see just how far Regina has come. How Regina handles things vs how the queen handles things.


The Possibility of Poor Writing

I intend no disrespect towards A&E and their writing. However this is a kind of story that can either go very well o very bad. They very well could waste potential and begin to treat Regina and the queen as two separate beings as opposed to two parts of the same whole.


The queen can cause Regina to regress. To revert back into her old ways. I don't feel like this is the most probable, but it can happen.

Trashing of Character Development

Going hand in hand with poor writing. If they handle it wrong they could very well damage the development they put into Regina. For instance if she begins to see the queen as a different person and stops acknowledging that part of herself. o if she starts using the queen as a scapegoat for her wrongdoings. Please A&E I'm begging you, don't do this!

My General Opinions

So am I for o against this arc?

I am completely 100% on board with it. I really like the ideas and plan on staying optimistic that they will utilize the pros instead of the cons. It think it will be a really fascinating arc.

Refuting A Con

It is my personal belief that this separation will not damage Regina's character development and it will do justice to her character. Hell, I'd like to respectfully dispute the claim that A&E are treating the queen and the Mayor as two different people.

I simply think that this is a very unique way to get Regina to realize the similarities and differences between who she is now and who she used to be.
It is simply a unique way of having Regina face herself. A very physical way--which in itself is symbolic to me.
For one, the fact that it is now a physical ordeal adds a deeper intensity to the situation. It'll probably be much harder for Regina to face herself if she's actually going to be seeing her own pained expression when the time comes to defeat her. o if she's going to be seeing the look of delight on her own (the Queen's) face as she hurts/torments the people she loves o possibly her own self.

That dicho this will also cause her to see and experience first-hand what she had done to everyone else. While I do feel so bad for Regina and think she has truly suffered enough. I think that her actually experiencing the kind of trouble she caused will be a real eye-opener. One that can help solidify her willingness to never go back down that path. One that will strengthen her determination to make the right choices.

I also feel like this scenario is going to present her with opportunities to strengthen the bonds with people she loves. As she will have to make sure that she can be distinguish from her evil self. And she will probably be protecting them as well.

And finally Regina will now perhaps, have a chance actually physically forgive herself. Heaven knows that she needs that. Likewise this is an opportunity for her to console herself. She literally has the opportunity to offer advise to her past self (in a sense) and let her know that things will be okay.

Possible Outcomes

Let's be honest; we've got an evil clone on the lose. I will be a bit disappointed if we don't get to see queen Regina try to steal the identity of Mayor Mills.


- Forgiving herself and possibly accepting the queen back into herself knowing that she will always be a part of her...that she has to be a part of her.
- The aforementioned comforting of herself.
- The defeat and acceptance of the queen minus the forgiveness.


- The queen over powers and defeats Regina
- The queen lures Regina back to the dark side
- The queen pretends to be Mayor Regina and wreaks havoc on her relationships.

The Fearful Antis (& People Indifferent to Regina)

I don't think you'll have to worry about her consuming all the screentime. Each of the mains has at least one episode centric to him o her. Likewise, if the escritura continues to climb back uphill screentime should be más balanced. I mean look at the finale; pretty much all of the characters got equal time to shine in the spotlight.

I really don't mean to sound salty but upon coming across a comentario roughly like; "I feel like Regina is replacing Emma as a main character. And now they are going to act like it wasn’t her fault she murdered and raped people" It just rubs me the wrong way. (For one don't put Regina hate in the Regina tag).

I gotta say; tu CSers (and this only applies to the jerks who tag their hate)had a whole season and a half of mostly Hook & Emma. It's simply Regina's turn again.
If anyone should be complaining it's the poor Rumbellers and, even más so, the Snowing fans.

To the respectful CSers; thanks for being polite. And I'm sure there will be plenty of CS in the siguiente season. I mean we still saw Regina when the arc was más Hook centered so I'd imagine they'd pay Hook the same respect.

Further más I don't think Regina will be replacing Emma as the main character. To be honest I don't think there ever was a main character. Back in season 1 Emma, Regina, Snow, Gold, etc all got rather equal amounts of screentime. I don't think any character is going to replace any other character.


I think that this división, split is a very lovely opportunity for Regina and maybe even the other characters. It can spurn growth and closure for our beloved Mayor/Queen. For better o for worse, season 6 is on its way and personally I'm excited!

Thank tu all for lectura this. comentarios are always welcome.
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