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la elección de los fans: NYC! Yaaaaaaay! Shopping!
NYC! Yaaaaaaay! Shopping!
Miami! Yaaaaaaaay! The beach!
la elección de los fans: OMG I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
la elección de los fans: uh yah
uh yah
la elección de los fans: yayyayayayayay
yayyayay- ayayay
booooo!!! i hate this spot
la elección de los fans: the cat in the agrio, agria cream cup
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gossipqueen123 dicho …
My omg moment was a werid one.......My crush was at my house to study I had to use the bathroom
And my crush was looking around my house just to see what it looked like....and then he opened the bathroom I was in thinking it was a bedroom and that's not the bad part....when he opened the door I was standing up(pants down) and he was like oops sorry! publicado hace más de un año
HomosexualTaco dicho …
perra please.

AMG WUT TEH FAWK momentss. publicado hace más de un año
freshMBswag143 dicho …
They be like girl tu look good!!! Just be lien head be napped up and messy, outfit be ugly, aint brush they teeth breath be fonky like get out my face! SSSMMMHHH publicado hace más de un año