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la elección de los fans: Dodger
la elección de los fans: He's one of my favoritos
la elección de los fans: Rita
la elección de los fans: Singin' Dodger
la elección de los fans: Yes
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big smile
Baltoboltfan1 dicho …
#1 fan ever forever is so TRUE DAT FOR ME because I have a connection with him and NOONE and I mean NOONE FREAKIN' LOVES HIM as much as I FREAKIN' DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YA' DODGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! publicado hace más de un año
thetankmoment comentó…
I like Dodger, but not as much as you. hace más de un año
Baltoboltfan1 comentó…
Thanks! I actually have a Oliver and Company Fursona who is mates with Dodger <3 hace más de un año
thetankmoment comentó…
Cool! hace más de un año
1PhantomRfan dicho …
I laughed when I saw the Lema for this club. When I think of Dodger the first thing I think of is that saying of his. tu know I just feel like saying "Absitively posolutely!" amor your Dodger!!! publicado hace más de un año
ShadowBolt2012 dicho …
Yah but dodger is small and rita is taller then him he would have to look for another dog that's the same size as him publicado hace más de un año
sumerjoy11 comentó…
She's not too tall for him. Size shouldn't matter. As long as they care and amor each other that should be good enough. hace más de un año
HUMPHRY comentó…
ángel and dodger would make a good couple hace más de un año
Baltoboltfan1 comentó…
Have to agree with summerjoy11 with this Dodger and Rita would make a cute couple as long as they amor and care for each other ((and o maybe there future puppies!!!!!!!!!!)) hace más de un año
Baltoboltfan1 comentó…
Their* hace más de un año