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posted by thetacoman
A LOOONG time ago, 6 people (and a mule) fled the chaos of their inicial country for the saftey of the Egyptian desert.
After wandering for 7 days, they came upon a ancient temple, which scholars think was a temple to the demon, Jacob (liar), At the temple, a portal was opened to them. After their leader, Flamberge (flaming one) went into the portal, the other 5 followed.
After the long, drawn out process of converting the native people to cristianismo and overthrowing their leader, Moctezumm, the six leaders (and the mule) claimed six diffrent areas and six diffrent people to rule (the mula was the ruler of the farm animals, but soon, SOON HE WOULD TAKE THE THRONE!)
The leader, Flamberge and his decendants, ruled Nimea until 2Ce.
But THAT'S another story.
Nimea is the country of elements. We live our lives dependant upon our elements to guide us. That, and our united faith. We are comprised of six tribes, each tribe being able to control a diffrent element. Each tribe can function completely independantly, but for the sake of tradition, we act as a whole. Life is good, especially since the government is so laxed on our lives. (at least in my tribe) Anyway, our nation is subject to constant uprising and rebellion because of the loose-knit society that we have. All of the kings (and queens) are related, and family tensions do not help the rebellions....
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posted by kingofrandom
It all started when I Left the water kingdom to go back to my inicial land. When i got there the king of the nube nation,(lord storm) was infuriated. tu see it is forbidden for any ventus full blood,(royalty)to even breath in the presence of a water nation citizen because the two kings hated each other.After a through and through talking to i make my way to my room and went to sleep because of the early morning at the immortal school.The siguiente día we had a guest speaker an anubi which was very rare and only happened on special occasions. And today it indeed was today the anubi would pick a student from our class to teach advanced air bending and once graduated be enlisted into the air knights academy and por dado there own cloud.the anubi looked around the room and stoped and floated quickly towards me.You come with me everyone knew what that meant i was chosen to be taught por a master! he told me to pack up my things and follow him so I did just that.
posted by Damon-Bamon12
Since Tidus dicho I could post anything Elemental (Gosh, IDK what that means, I'll check it out XD),Mythology, and APPROPRIATE stuff, I decided to make a foros so every fan of his can chat. Mostt of my clubes have those foros and they are really fun. I am going to invite my cousins who have an account to registrarse this club (Once they get online!). Hope we can have fun in here because I do amor mythology since I'm crazy in amor with vampiros and Percy Jackson. Well, I'm done talking, start chatting! :D

P.S. I'm Alyssa por the way. ;)