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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 6
"Hoho's Dilemma"

[[The epsiode begins with Kai-Lan and her friends watching an episode of SpongeBob.]]

Rintoo: Hey, tu guys wanna know which SpongeBob episode is my favorite?
Hoho: What?
Rintoo: The one where SpongeBob and Patrick go to that toy store and they stay there overnight.
Lulu: That's my favorito! episode as well, not as much as the "Bubblestand" episode.

[[The phone rings. Kai-Lan gets up and respuestas it.]]

Kai-Lan: Empress Kai-lan here. Oh, ni hao, Mr. Fluffy. What's that? tu want to come over, and introduce us to your little sister? Well, we...
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Tubb, a male anthropomorphic rosado, rosa frog with a Scottish accent; de facto leader of the Rubbadubbers and has a cotton swab for his prize possession. Catchphrase: "Swim-MIN'!" he is friends with Spyler Ka-lan and the others he likes playing loud games but learns to be quiet, in Quiet time.
Terence, a male green bubble-bath-container crocodile; can blow bubbles from his nostrils; has only one tooth; wears a collar and necktie. Intensely dislikes getting wet and has a red tooth brush. He likes playing quiet games, he once showed the other Rubbadubbers except Reg & Winona that it was más fun...
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posted by pbj2309

(Fellow citizens & non of Lake Hoohaw, it's time to make all your dreams come true.)

It's gonna be great
You'll be rich like me
It's gonna be great
Take a look and you'll see
It's gonna be great
Jump right on board
Let me relate and overstate
It's gonna be great

[Ootsie, Bootsie, and Georgina]

It's gonna be great


New lighted fountains and artificial mountains
There'll be fancy stores and hotels por the score
We'll live in mansions
And wear fancy fashions
With laser shows
And fireworks lighting up the shore
It's gonna be great

& Spyler cinnamon Keith ratón Brobee kai-lan mill maní, cacahuete

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ni hao kai-lan
nick jr.
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Brobee crying
Kai-lan i Know how tu feel Brobee
brobee sobbing i know kai-lan but what about Spyler
Spyler but bot what about brobee he is por best monster friend
Milli its okay spyler
Bot spyler tu will find your way
spyler I will
bot yeah

You can lose a toy tu bought
Or lose a game tu play
You can lose your train of thought
If tu don't find it, never mind it
But if you're traveling to and fro
And tu get lost someday
You've only lost the way to go
And tu will find your way
You will find your way

[Spyler ]

(Hmm, I don't know, Mr. Bot.)


However lost
However far
You're never lost
From who you...
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ni hao kai-lan
(Whew, my first 3-part fanfic. Here I go.)

Mr. Fluffy has baked many a cake in his time, but no one has challenged him... until now. Tolee wants a cake that will blow out any cakes previously created before it.

Mr. Fluffy: Ah, Tolee, my favorito! customer. What can I make for tu today? tu name it, I've probably baked it!
Tolee: Actually, I'd like to make a birthday cake request.
Mr. Fluffy: Whose birthday?
Tolee: Mine. It's coming up in a week, and I'd like to get my order in ahead of time.
Mr. Fluffy: Hmm... What do tu want, not want, etc.?
Tolee: Well, my birthday party will be centered around...
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Spyler Kai-lan & friends theme song
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