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 Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures Characters (Updated)
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"Starting Off On A Blue Note": When the Blue arrendajo, jay Babies, Kai-Lan's favorito! rock band, comes to town, she elects to be their roadie at their siguiente gig.

"Parts of the Whole": Hoho experiments with simple machines.

"Slowing Brains and Growing Pains": Kai-Lan discovers one of her long-lost family members has autism.

"Quilt As tu Go": Hoho rounds up friends and family to make a "100-wish quilt".

"Variations On A Theme Park": The ladybugs try to make themselves taller to ride their new ride.

"Swizzle Stickup": Wong-Dic makes a new kind of soda.

"Hand Over Water": Lao-Tsu-Fun Village is having a heatwave....
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 1
"To Share o Not o Share"

[[The episode begins in the castillo of Empress Kai-Lan and Emperor Rintoo.]]
[[Emperor Rintoo and Prince Hoho are playing in the royal playroom, which is located near the end of the segundo floor.]]
[[Rintoo and Hoho laugh]]

Hoho: Rintoo, where are you?
Rintoo: You'll never find me.
Hoho: Let's hope I will. [[laughing]]

[[The scene cuts to the cupboard, where Rintoo is seen opening the door half way, but Hoho hears him and opens the door on him]]

Hoho: [[laughs]] I found you
Rintoo: Okay, tu caught me, but siguiente time I'll find a better...
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Except... I’m not a flying squirrel.
Peanut your not?
Monkey king nope im really.
Others woah.
Monkey king…the Monkey king
Others Monkey king!.
Rintoo awesome
Brobee wow!!
Hoho Yay!.
Peanut cool.
Kai-lan look it’s the monkey king he’s are favorito! super hero.
Monkey king and you’re my favorito! friends
Brobee laughs he lives way up in the clouds
Milli And… he can do all kinds of super magical things!
Spyler: And… he’s are friend!
Monkey king: I sure am! And I need your help with a big problem.
Spyler oh, no what’s wrong Mr. Monkey king?.    
Monkey king I’ll...
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Molly: wow this was a huge día today.
Oona: yeah no bumps o bruised.
Butter: nappy.
Brobee: are tu tired Baby Butter?
mantequilla a huh.
Molly: oh and be seguro the siguiente time tu ride tu tricycle. Bicycle scooter o anything else.
Gil: come visit us again soon okay see tu soon!
(twinkle twinkle little estrella playing)
Terence in a soft voice what sould we dream about guys
Butter: in a soft voice: B.
Molly in a soft voice: it starts with a B?
Butter: Bicycle.
Oona: a bicycle? okay lets wheel are way to dream and Play better put on are helmets.
Reg: yeah
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