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posted by JustaNutherKh
"Talia-chan. Its time to wake up." Hinata's soft voice filled her entirely too-small bedroom."No. I REFUSE to wake up, No matter what." I roll over from the warm spot on my mat into the cold part and pulled the almohada over my head."Talia, Dont make me get the bucket." I peek out from under my almohada and glared at her. Hinata is always an early bird. She already had her fuzzy, Purple capa on and a pair of purple jeans on. She had a pair of blue shoes on also. Her headband was around her Neck. I could see she had a glass of water."YOU WOULDNT!" I bolted from my cama and ran tortazo into the wall." Ouch. Hinata!" She smiled. "Thats how tu wake up every time tu spend the night." She puts the glass of water on her bedside mesa, tabla and Picked up my overnight bag."Get dressed. I got permission from the Lady Tsunade to go outside the City walls. It took me alot of convincing and a few Paperweights thrown at my head." She tossed my bag to me and i caught it with a look of surprise on my face."Why are we going outside the walls?" She smiled, and slid her door to her room open." You'll see." She slid the door shut and opens it again to stick her head through the little gap." Oh, por the way, My dad wants tu to practice with me before we go. Eggs for breakfast." She closed the door again and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I stuck my tongue at the door and i quickly put the mat back into her closet. My pjs were a little messy(For i was a rough sleeper) and i pulled them off in a hurry.I Grabbed my Navy Blue shirt( Cut just like Sai's) and i put it on in place for my shirt. I grabbed my blue shorts and struggled a little with them."Time to get a new pair. It looks like im growing again." I sighed, then grabbed my ivory brush. My hair was sticking up in a lot of places, and i brushed them back." And its also time for a haircut." I braided my hair. The last part was my waist. I grabbed my rool of tape, and i grabbed a empty roll."Damn it!" I dicho without thinking, Then slapped my hand over my mouth. I grabbed a coin out of my bolso, monedero and dropped it in Hinata's swear jar." i gotta break the habit, o else it'll clean me out with what ive got." I opened Hinata's drawer, and grabbed her spare roll. I hoped she would'nt mind. i taped the waist, and put my shoes on. Finally, i was done. I shoved everything into my bag (With difficulty) and i Opened the door and walked down the steps. I zipped up the bag just as a Shuriken Zipped over my head and lodged into the wood inches above my head."HINATA! GET YOUR BROTHER! HE HAS YOUR SHURIKENS AGAIN!" Hinatas brother, Miji, Peeked from the corner, and smirked."How did ya know it was me, and not Hinata?" I leaned down to his height and pointed at him."For one, Hinata dont damge the home. and Two, Hinata has better aim than you." He smiled, And put his hand behind his head, The way naruto did." tu got me." He started to take the pack off, when he was swooped up from behind. He let out a surprised gulp, and Squirmed in hinatas arms." Give it to me, Miji." He dropped the pack. She set him down nd he took off running." Practice?" I Gaped at hinata, and Nodded in responce. She Just stuck her hand out and said," Lets just say we did it." I grabbed her hand and she pulled me out of the house before anyone else dicho anything.
The boy with blonde hair has reached the forest after 12 hours. He was bone tired, But he knew he had to go on. Besides, if he turned back now, The andalites would torture him for running and never reaching his destination. He stopped to rest on a árbol branch, Sweat glistening off his forehead. He panted heavily. He was being followed, and if he was caught, then that would mean death for deserting the Andalite group. o A.S.A.P(a shitty culo place.) as he called it. His cussing habits came from that hell, and he soon caught on from the guards and other members. Especillo the one named jake." Your lucky squirt!" his soft voice would purr." This one girl that tried to save you, She was stabbed with a poison blade. She is already dead. Give it up.' He had tried t escape many times before, But he never made it this far. He took one last breath before he took off again. After about a mile, a Kunai whizzed past him. He ducked at the lat second, and it Flew over his head. He watched the trees fall and he hit the ground, Knocking the breath out of him. Another Person came into view, and Jake Jumped from the branch.'What a disgrace." Jake walked over to whereThe boy laid. He kicked his stomach, clean and swift, and He cried out in pain. A little blood dribbled out of the corner of his mouth."Your a disgrace to the Andalites. A useless little Twig.Pathetic." Jake kicked him again, And Hecried out once more. "I had orders not to kill you, but sometimes orders have to be disobeyed.' Jake grabbed his Kunai from the Sack and Twirled it on his finger."Have a nice trip to hell, tu Little Devil!" His Eyes widened, and He Brought down the kunai, The last thing He would see, But the hand stopped idway. The boy Reacted and Caught the Kunat with his fist. His face conjourned in pain as it sliced through his fist. but he didnt cry out."No one, No one ever, Tells me whet to do." Jake tried to bring it down, but the boy held him in place. Jake let go and Quickly started gathering Chakra while the boy lifted his body from the ground." No one told me what to do. Im going home, and no one will change my mind." Jake smirked, and Quickly erased it."Exept for suzy. She liked you." The boys face took up a surprised face."Wha-" That was just the distraction he needed. jake Quickly and efficiently Did several hand signs, and stopped at the last one, Where his middle finger wound around his left thumb, and the pinky was in the downright position. His other fingers were mixed together."Summoning Jutsu: Blitz of fear" The boys eyes widened when he heard this. Instantly, and a dozen Shuriken ame up out of nowhere, and Lodged into the boy. A strangled gasp came from him, and he want down. The Shuriken Dissapeared, but the marks were still there. He lay there unmoving. Jake Heard voices. Two girls. happy voices. "Talia." Jake jumped up onto the branches and watched the scene below.
"Hinata, Your such a loser sometimes!" I yelled out loud, Poking Hinata in the process. Hinata laughed, Then shoved Me backwards. "How am i a loser when tu hang out with me? That makes tu a loser, too." I fell backwards onto a árbol trunk, and Laughed as the pain came into My back." Lets go find whatever your hiding from me Hinata." Hinata Pulled Me up, and we took a shortcut through the ferns as they passed a cave. Islipped twice, and Hinata didnt otherwise. Finally, they reached a slow hill, and i squatted on a smal rock."Im pooped. can we take a break." Hinata grinned."We just started." I glared at her through my bangs, and Blew them out of my face."Then, Im out of practice." Hinata laughed, and I laughed. Suddenly, a warm liquid filled my shoe."Eww! i think an animal peed on my shoe!" I brought my foot inn front of me, But gasped when i saw the liquid.Blood. My cat sences told me that this blood type was a Human. Male. 16. And just bled too. O positive. I jumped up, and Hinata backed away cauciously."Blood....." I backed away from the stone. The blood was running downhill. I looked up the colina and saw a mass of orangeand a grey figure in the trees."Jake! No!" The figure dissapeared, and i rn up the hill, Slipping the warm blood and getting it in my hair and on my clothes. I grabbed a Kunai from my pouch and ran, prepared fro battle. I reached the clearing and the naranja blob was a Boy, all right, but he was trying to get up. Marks on his clothes and body told me a ninja attacked him. The boy got up to his feet and turned around.....the boy was.........Naruto. He looked great(What the hell are tu thinking,talia! he is dying! now is not the time to chit-chat, Damn it!) naruto smiled at me."Talia......I reached my destination.But..." His eyes rolled up into his head and he fell, I ran to catch him, and caught him, His blood dripping onto me."Naruto......" His breathing was slowing and i picked him up. "TALIA! WHAT .........AAAH!" HInata screamed. She thought the blood was from me, until she saw the bloddy boy in my arms."WHO......WHAT!" Hinata ran towards u,a dn hen stopped. "Ill get Lady Tsunade!" She jumped into the trees and started back for the village"I wouldnt go anywhere if i were you." I turned around to face my old friend Jake. Wearing grey as always. I Took a step back, The dirt and blood soaking my shoes."Give me the body. Ill take care of it for you. No one would want to find out the truth about him." (He thought he was dead!) I took another step back."Jake. i was expecing someone like you." I jumped into the trees and i ran for the Village. Lady tsunade was there waiting for me to get back. She took the boy and told me to get cleaned up."I dont think he will live." I heard the villagers say."Thats the demon boy." I shook my head,a dn headed for home. while everyone gaped at me.

naruto will forever be in my heart. He taught me to be kind and compassionate to others, and that if tu worked your culo off, tu can achieve anything. He taught me to always stand up for myself and for those I loved, because THAT is what defines tu as a human being. Your ability to protect the things precious to you. People may never understand why He means so much to me, but what they don’t understand is, Its naruto that taught me más than anyone in real life has.
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