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I've got an idea!

I want tu guys to make up some different bloopers for any of the games. This isn't a contest because I have nothing to give as a prize. Anyway,I want tu to either describe your idea for a blooper, o enviar some fan art. I got the idea because there aren't any good ones in Alibi in Ashes, so maybe tu might want to do some for that game.
Here's my idea for a blooper. In Alibi in Ashes, when Nancy's going through the snacks, when she pulls out a plátano it starts to dance and the song"Peanut mantequilla gelatina, jalea time" starts to play. How's that for a starter.
StarFireGirl4 posted hace más de un año
 StarFireGirl4 posted hace más de un año
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trisha1 said:
I can't think of anything. Sign this petition to HER:
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posted hace más de un año 
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