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Jerry: Sorry, but I got nothing.
Vito: I don't feel like dying. That's the reason we left the family in the first place.
Harlan: *Hears a car* What's that? *Looks out the window*
Vito: What is it?
Harlan: A cop.

The árbol stallions started to panic, but Vito had a plan.

Vito: I think I know what to do. Go upstairs and let me handle this.
Police Pony: *Rings the doorbell*
Vito: *Opens the door* How can I help tu officer?
Police Pony: We got a complaint a while ago. Apparently this morning, some ponies had a gunfight just in front of your house. tu know anything about this?
Vito: No. I was riding the...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Q and a few other ponies from the Costanza mob made their way into Napa.

Vito: *Walks to his car with Penny*
Q: *Driving a lincoln Towncar*
Costanza poni, pony 45: I see 'em.
Q: Okay. Let's mover in.
Vito: *Starts his car, and turns around*
Q: *Floors it*
Vito: *Looks back, and makes a left turn*
Q: *Spins out of control, but quickly starts chasing Vito again*
Vito: I really thought it would take them longer to find us.
Penny: Do tu have another gun?
Vito: In the dashboard. Can tu shoot him for me?
Penny: *Grabs a Beretta M9* Okay, here I go.
Q: *Taps the back of Vito's car*
Penny: Whoa. *Holding the gun with...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At the general store, Vito and Jerry got Harlan hired, and the three stallions started working together.

Harlan: I'll play along for now, but I'm quitting the segundo I find a better job.
Vito: I don't trust you. If tu do find a "better job" I need to know what it is.
Jerry: *Arrives with a carro carrying snacks* Harlan, they need tu over at Dairy.
Harlan: I'm going over there right now. *Heads for dairy*
Mare: *Watches Harlan walking towards her* Have tu ever done facing before?
Harlan: What?
Mare: All tu gotta do is check our products and make sure that the items aren't expired. tu want to be...
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Pinkie Pie dissobey's time????
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Willits, Alicornia. January 3rd, 1981.

Stallion 95: *Slams his hoof on a counter* This is bullshit!
Stallion 42: Don't give me that attitude. It wasn't my decision. Q dicho we have to stay here until we find the both of them.
Stallion 95: What if they were lying? We don't know where they are. I'm calling Q.

Napa, Alicornia

Penny: *Arrives in a 1977 Ford Mustang*
Vito: *Walks outside of the house to see Penny* Hey. *Hugs her*
Penny: It's so good to see tu again.
Vito: Let's go inside. tu dicho tu wanted to meet my brother.

Vito is narrating as he walks into the house with Penny

Narrator: Our new year...
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