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Sung por Brandon Victor Dixon and the cast of jesús Christ Superstar Live! in Concert. (may contain little poni, pony content but it's PMV)
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jesús christ superstar
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 Dodge cobra
Dodge Cobra
Gordon left the mare's house, and examined the streets of Cheyenne.

Gordon: 2013 doesn't look different, except for the fact that every car is ugly.
Teenage pony: *passes por in Cobra*
Gordon: Ugly, and loud. *walking*
Colt: Hey, look over there *points at Gordon*
Gordon: What does he want?
Colt: *walks to Gordon* Hey, how many pounds do tu have?
Colt friends: *laugh*
Gordon: Hey, how many mares did tu fuck in bed? Get a life losers. *walks away*
Colts: *cry*
Gordon: *looks at store* What's a Verizon? *enters*
Desk Clerk: Good morning. Can I help tu with something?
Gordon: Yes, I'd like a Verizon. *looks...
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posted by Dragon-88
 Blue Bolt, ready for fun!
Blue Bolt, ready for fun!
OK, so on with this story. Blue Bolt (me) is sleeping in his house situated in Ponyville. Right now, he is enjoying a good night's sleep, and hopes the morning will be normal. Too bad it's not gonna happen!

Bolt: (sees sunrise) Time to have another nice day!

Pinkie: (busts down door) Hey, new guy! Wakey wakey! It's a requirement that new residents meet the princess!

Bolt: I hope tu can fix the door tu destroyed!

Pinkie: Sorry...I'll wait while tu get ready! I'll walk with you. Nice digs!

Bolt: (brushing teeth) OK, that was random. I'm new here, and Pinkie's a little energetic! Are they all like...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Yuri - Leave me... here
Dan - *shoot* donw worry... *shoot griffon* everythink going be ok... TWILIGHT WE LOSING HIM GIVE HIM A SHOT!!! *get cover* oh hi RainbowDash
RainbowDash - tu know Russian soldiers
Dan - They not from Army they from GEA ...
RainbowDash - What is this "GEA"
Dan - Global Equestria Army... We Fight with guy named *shoot griffons* Golden Horn...
RainbowDash - ok... and why griffons attacked us
Dan - He have ally with Griffons and he has a plug in them... named Gilda
RainbowDash - Gilda... Its my ex-friend
From sky comes nuclear boomb
Dan - SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!...
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If anyone knows me, I am a brony. I've been with the mostrar for the summer and have loved every moment of it. The fandom is great, and the mostrar continues to be great. It has flaws, but that doesn't stop me from loving it.

That said, the fandom has flaws, too. And these muro posts greatly represent them.

People are making a bigger deal out of this Twilight Alicorn thing than necessary. Everyone's butthurt is almost funny to me, yet at the same time, I just don't get it. Why is this as if it's the end of the world?

And people quitting the fandom because of it? Give. Me. A. Break. I like to be nice--my...
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This is my first articulo that I'm escritura for Fanpop, and it's 11pm at night, and I have school in the morning. So if I start rambling of the convenience of solar energy in Ponyville, due to arco iris Dash's ability to clear the sky in 10 segundos flat, please, don't stop reading.

Let me start:


She's Actually A Half-Mortal Goddess

In Ancient Greek times, the peeps believed that Zeus was the King of Le Gods. But he was also the sluttiest thing since credit cards. So, he got a lot of mortals preggo, and the usual outcome was a supernaturally enhanced baby, such as Hercules.

Who knows? Perhaps some...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Me, and Disneyfan333 do really good with these Con Mane stories. I should work with her on these every time from now on.

The story starts in China. Near a playa was a fortress, where two guards were walking.

Soon, in the ocean, a poni, pony could be seen surfing. He was heading for the fort, but as the wave was getting higher, another surfer joined him.

They continued siguiente to each other, when a third surfer arrived.

The trio stayed close together, and soon they arrived at the beach.

Chinese Guard 24: *Looking at ocean*
Chinese Guard 2: Chūle shénme shì?
Chinese Guard 24: Wǒ yǐwéi wǒ kàn dào...
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