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 Awesome poni, pony pics for old time's sake
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(As before, Twilight and Spike were told to go to a warehouse and bring supplies to the Ponyville Military) The purple alicorn was getting her saddle bag ready while Spike was making sure they had everything they would need. ,"Spike, Is there anything we're missing?" Sparkle asked the baby dragon ,"No it looks like we are ready" the two opened the door and walked out into Ponyville. As the two were walking Pinkie Pie stopped ,"Hey Twilight, wow thats a lot of stuff tu have where are tu going?" Twi gave a occupied expression on her face.

,"Pinkie, I'm sort of busy can we talk some other time?"...
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[Lets leave the 3 ponies, Tropical breeze, red rose and coffee cream for a few minutos and go up to Cantorlot hospital, where Twilight sparkle lay motion less with doctors surrounding her. Flash sentry was trying to get a look at what was going on but the doctors restrained him from seeing]

"What's going to happen to her!" Flash demanded. "You have been running tests for hours! Something must have shown up!" Twilights doctor, Dr. M.M Mystery, sighed and looked down at his clipboard That was in his hoofs. "Mr. Sentry, the best I can tell tu is that she is most Likely to survive."

Flash looked...
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 Blue Bolt, the newest resident of Ponyville
Blue Bolt, the newest resident of Ponyville
Last story was halfway good, so this time I'm making it to where Blue Bolt's personality is fully revealed in this story. It all starts with Bolt arriving in Ponyville. He is new here, so he doesn't know much about the town o the residents. He is very shy, so he was nervous to talk to anyone. He thought his way of speech would make him appear weird. So he enters the house he was promised por some poni, pony who had blue curled hair and wore red glasses. He doesn't know who she was, but he will learn soon!

Bolt: This is a nice house. Who was she anyways? I just hope the residents are nice...

It is daytime,...
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 Der Cheif, with a bit for a cutie mark
Der Cheif, with a bit for a cutie mark
When Con returned to Canterlot he found a very angry P

P: tu had to kill her! tu couldn't have just brought her in?
Con: Nope. She nearly killed me.
P: When I say I need someone alive, I need someone alive!
Con: Ok, I get it.
P: I got a mission where tu can't kill someone. You'll be going to a musical in Manehattan to find out what tu know about a poni, pony named Der cheif. He estola money from nearly everyone in all of Equestria, and tu need to get it back.
Con: Consider it done.
P: A ticket for a musical in Manehattan costs 3 bits, so here. *hands Con money*
Con: Thanks. *leaves*

Con then headed...
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The snow fell calmly from the nightly sky as Score Heights was asleep in her bed. The full moon's light broke the shadows of her room and lit it up with the warmth of Luna's magic. The light eventually shifted to Score's face as she rolled over, disturbed por light. For a moment, she paused, hoping to go back to sleep when she remembered that it was her birthday today, December 4th. She rolled over again to look at her clock. "12:00 AM," she muttered under her breath, then yawned and rolled back over to go back to sleep.

She then popped up screaming; "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" She jumped up and down...
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As it seems some things have gone out of hand the past mes o so, I would like to call out a cease and desist for all those involved with the reciente events having to do with xFluttershyx

All those who have shown rage towards her, leave her alone. I include myself in this criteria of people, and I formally proclaim a public apology for any harm our comentarios may have caused upon you.

All those who have been "defending" her, this cease and desist goes out to tu as well. There is no need for tu to blindly meddle in affairs tu don't rightly know about.

This cease and desist goes out to xFluttershyx...
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"Time to take a test Twilight," dicho the stallion as he took of his capucha, campana por using telekineses the stallion had a spiky red mane a black and red tail and purple make upin shapes of upside down tears,"Hey are tu going to ask what my name is Twilight," asked the stallion,"oh yeah ummm may i ask whats your name?","Finnaly an answer I could answer I'm Axel so are tu ready?" asked Axel again,"Uhh yeah I guess since I never failed one before." dicho Twilight. Axel took a step back and cherged up to chakrams,"well than Lets get going!" Axel dicho as Twilight had her thing to deafend herself with book...
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Credit: JakeLionsWorld ; A poni, pony parody version of Feel Good Inc por Gorillaz.
My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad
arco iris dash
poni, pony parody
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Credit: Felix24148 ; A compilation of Derpy from MLP: FiM and fan-made works.
My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad
derpy hooves
doctor whooves
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