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 Anthro Flutters eating a cookie
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Cute plus-size anthro Flutters enjoying holiday galletas
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This My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad foto might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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I do not own this video. This video belongs to No1C00I's YouTube Channel. A fan made commercial of a new season of MLP: FiM.
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 She can't resist going,can she.
She can't resist going,can she.
Twilight looked at Pinkie with a wondering face and asked, "What?" "YOU DON'T THINK IT IS REAL?!?! HE WILL KILL tu BRO!" "Don't be silly,Pinkie,It's just an old mare's/foal's tale." 'No it isn't...........cause' there's been Sightings.....AND I ALSO SAW HIM WITH MY OWN TWO EYES!" Twilight glanced at RainbowDash then continued with Pinkie. RainbowDash looked over to the side of SugarCubeCorrner's Doors and saw aguardiente de manzana, applejack and Fluttershy and Rarity. Rarity said, "I would amor to say the rumor's are false,but I must say I saw him myself,too..." aguardiente de manzana, applejack looked at Rarity and told her, "Rarity,I...
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 The unicorn that died
The unicorn that died
In my opinion the whole world has gone mad, whacko! Just look at the traffic congestions on the main highway!

Ponies: *beeping horn*
drunk pony: *steals Coltillac*

The terrible conditions of our air traffic control system

Japanese: *bomb pearl harbor*

The destruction of private property, and the lista goes on so much. The point is that Equestria has gone mad! And here's how it all started.

unicorn: *driving fast*
Pinkie Pie: Whats' with him?
unicorn: *driving 100 miles an hour*
Mirage: *honks horn*
unicorn: *drives off cliff*

Four cars arrived near the wreck.
The first car was a Sportsedan. In it was...
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 King John
King John
In the Limousine which was where the king was

King John: Taxes! *laughs* We make them high, and rob the poor to feed the rich!
Mclaren: Yes sir, I agree! But I must inform tu about something important.
King John: What is it?
Mclaren: The sheriff just spotted Robin Hood. His men lost him, and he's with Little John.
King John: Why do I have to fight somepony with the same name that I have?!
Mclaren: It's not my fault sir!!

Meanwhile further up the road

Robin: They'll be here soon.
LJ: OK, but why are we disguised as mares?
Robin: To fool them. Trust me, it'll work.
LJ: Alright. Let's get this over...
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Credit: AceWissle ; Song made por WoodenToaster and The Living Tombstone.
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