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This My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad foto might contain diagrama de venn, diagrama de venn de, and diagrama venn.

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 "Books and Magic hold the answers" Dawn Bright
"Books and Magic hold the answers" Dawn Bright
My Little Pony: Voyage of Friendship

Episode 1: It Begins part 1

Dawn panted as she cantered down the calle in Ponyville. Gotta to get to the Ponyville Hotel! She thought. She almost past it in her rush. She then bounded through the doors, up the marble stairs, and rapidly knocked on room 245’s door.

“Uncle Armor, Aunt Cadance, open up! It’s me, Dawn Bright,” Dawn shouted. She then heard hoofsteps and then her uncle, Shining Armor, opened the door and said, “Dawn Bright great of you- Dawn didn’t give him the chance to finish as she rushed in and hide behind a chair.

Aunt Cadance walked...
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We had a school assignment today: "Prepare a speech similar to the fox's on taming. lista the 'rules' of friendship and any special rites that a friendship should have." FYI, weve been lectura "The Little Prince." Heres my report:

Friendship mainly consists of six "elements": loyalty, laighter, generosity, honesty, kindness, and a bit of magic. friends should trust each other and not betray them. friends should laugh, cry, and suffer together through each other's problems. friends should share with each other and be selfless towards one another, that is generosity. friends should be honest and truthful to each other. Magic and tolerance also play an important part. When tu see magic in someone's heart, tu instantly know that despite their appearances, they are to be great friends. Tolerance each other's beliefs is also important, as everyone has a diffeent view of things. That is why friendship is indeed, magic.
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