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These are really funny! I had to! XD
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Things were not going well for Equestria after the events of the anterior H.I.P story. A week after the war ended somepony assassinated the mayor of Ponyville. Then stallions started being sexist to mares. Even Doughnut Joe wouldn't let mares in his restaurant, but if they were to buy something Joe would just double the price for what they bought.

Two and a half years later things just got worse, a griffon appeared. It was someone named Gilda, and she seemed pissed, "I've had enough of these ponies. It's time to do something about them." Then she flew off. While doing so arco iris Dash appeared,...
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This should have been used in the season 5 premiere.
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She's at it again.
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My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad
(Some readers may find this disturbing)

Well, goddamn it. I am sure tu all know that I hate clopping pictures. Mainly because a kids mostrar shouldn't involve sex. However, there is más to it then pictures..... Someone actually made a MLP pronaographic comic book. That..... "comic" is más commonly known as Hoof Beat.
Now, what is the big problem with this comic..... Well, lets get the obvious out of the way, ITS A FUCKING PORNO COMIC.... WITH FUCKING ANTHRO PONIES!!! Now, this comic book has not one but three sexual stories. So, we start this "comic" with Twilight going to Fluttershy's house....
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As we have watched our little ponies, we have often seen many ponies do many misceláneo things. Some of these things include committing good deeds for others. Others live por virtue and are reluctant to go against dicho virtue. Here is an articulo about the Mane 6 ponies and the virtues they are associated with.

Twilight Sparkle: Who else has the brains for many things for her friends and other ponies? Our cute purple alicorn princess, that's who! She's a generally hard working poni, pony who makes many different choices that can affect all greatly. Nevertheless, Twilight Sparkle knows what happens and finds...
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Desc. on YouTube. :3
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manzana, apple Bloom:Helppppppp!
Scoots father:Hear that....
Scoots mother:Come on Scoootaloo.
Scoots:Yes.I think it's manzana, apple Bloom.
Scoots mother:Let's go.
manzana, apple Bloom:Help,help.....
Scoots father:Hold at my hoof.
manzana, apple Bloom:Uh,uh..
Scoots mother:The rope is cutting off.
manzana, apple Bloom:Uh,I am stuck'd in a twister.
Scoots mother:Don't worry.I will catch ya.*catch's Scoots father's hoof*
Scoots parents:*falling on the ground,dead*
Scoot:No........*catch's manzana, apple Bloom*
manzana, apple Bloom:Sorry Scootaloo,I am sorry.
Scoot:Rainbow Dash,mom and dad died.
Scoots:It all happened because of me.I..I...fighted with manzana, apple Bloom yesterday,and she...came to apology to me.She came here because of me..And ma and pa now are dead.Only because of me.
arco iris Dash:Scootaloo.It's not your fault.You shouldn't be gilty for this.
arco iris Dash:No buts...We are together now.Together for ever.
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