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The train arrives at Appleloosa, and the Flim Flam brothers get out.

Applejack: *Watching* Ok, let's go. *Exits train*
Braeburn: *Follows*
Flim: *walks into saloon*
Flam: *Walks into saloon*
Dexter: *Walks into saloon*
Applejack: What do tu suppose they're up to?
Braeburn: I ain't sure. We better get back to my orchard.

So they did, but inside the saloon.

Dexter: *grabs paper, and pen* Alright. What am I writing?
Flim: A letter! We've gone over this 5 times already in the train.
Flam: Here is what we want tu to write. tu ready?
Dexter: Ready.
Flam: Dear Applejack. tu have made us cruzar, cruz for the...
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por the time aguardiente de manzana, applejack arrived at Sweet manzana, apple Acres, everything was destroyed. Flim, and Flam weren't anywhere to be seen, but Granny Smith was there. Luckily no one was hurt.

Applejack: Well, we can't have Applebloom stay here.
Applebloom: Why would they do this?
Applejack: Well tu see Applebloom, some ponies do very rude things, just because they don't like someone. They are known as assholes.
Braeburn: hola look. Rarity ain't that far. tu can get her to take care of Applebloom while you're away.
Rarity: Do what now?
Applejack: I need tu to watch Applebloom. Is that alright?
Rarity: Yes. Sweetie...
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 "what could be taking her so long?"
"what could be taking her so long?"
(While me and my sister and the two other Cutie Mark Crusaders were on the front lines; In the Ponyville library, Twilight and Spike had set up a room to receive messages and deliver them to Princess Celestia) ,"Spike have tu seen Derpy yet?" Twilight asked the baby dragon. ,"No" he responded ,"I haven't seen Derpy all day" He dicho while looking out the window of the library. Twilight Sparkle had a worried expression on her face ,"We need these messages Spike, what could be taking her so long?" Twi started to pace around the room then Sparkle stopped pacing when she heard the sound of hoofs...
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After my first día of school came the lowlife of my day. Coming home. My mom is dating this guy named Carl that does nothing but, watch TV o shout at someone. His dog Ditka, is very huge, and looks like he could bite your head off.

Rafe: *enters home*
Ditka: BARK!! *gets on Rafe*
Carl: Ditka, down!
Ditka: *goes away*
Carl: So how was your first día of school?
Rafe: School was unbelieveable. I met this beautiful filly, and I pulled the fuego alarm

Ok, I didn't tell him that I pulled the fuego alarm, but he wouldn't care anyway.

Carl: Uh-huh. Did tu sign up for football yet?
Rafe: Nah. *grabs pudding...
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Silver Tune, Black Rose, and Nocturnal Mirage were cleaning the cafeteria. It was a mess everywhere. Silver Tune groaned. Ponies threw comida on the ground and threw trash on the ground. They were done cleaning after a while. "So, should we go get the decorations right-" Silver Tune was cut off por Coffee Creme, Shredder, and Nikki going inside the cafeteria. "Oh, hola guys! We were about to start decorating. Do tu want to join?" Nocturnal Mirage said. "Sure, we can help." Shredder said. "OK, Nikki and Nocturnal Mirage can go get the decorations. Shredder and I can put them up on the walls. Silver...
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