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They say that just like ponies, countries and empires have lives too. They go through the same stages as we do. When they are born, they start out small. Then the bigger they grow, the stronger they get. They make many mistakes when they are young but eventually, they learn to distinguish right from wrong, friend from enemy, conquest from massacre. As they evolve and reach their peak, they are like a mighty stallion at the prime of his life. Powerful, determined, sharp-minded and fueled by the passion and willingness to change the world. But just like us, empires grow old eventually. They become weak, desperate and fragile. Internal illnesses sprout up like weeds in a once beautiful but abandoned garden. The smell of decay attracts the prowling enemies and they gather around to finish what time has already started...

The changelings came from nowhere 8 years ago and brought terror to all. We have managed to stop their mad Queen and foolishly believed that such a victory will mean the end of the war. But we were wrong... so horribly wrong. When we thought our world was safe, it fell apart before our very eyes.

The battle at the Isles of Romani was merely the beginning. The beginning of OUR end. We have fought valiantly till our last breaths. But we were no match for these new weapons the beasts of the abyss have created. When we truly realized what we were up against, it was already too late... One by one, the Southern Kingdoms have fallen. Zebria, Antelopia, The Plain's Nation... they were all consumed by the endless armies of the changelings.

Before we could react, the monsters were pounding on our gates. We had to learn the new ways of war quickly. We gathered the greatest minds of our kind to create weapons that could rival the changeling technology. Factories emerged from the ground one after the other within weeks. We witnessed as our leaders decided to use the new inventions of doom. But the abyssal monsters did not stop. We responded to fire with fire but the only thing that we achieved is to smolder the world to dust.

Through great courage and sacrifice, we were able to stop the changeling invasion. But the effort was too much for our country and the war ripped it into three.

The pegasi were warriors by nature and could not accept surrender. They have seceded from what was left of the Equestrian empire and formed Western Equestria. The winged soldiers continued the war with the changelings and successfully defended their territories for years...

The dwellers of the tundra; the elks, the hypogriffs, the deer and the griffons created the Northern Federation and broke off all contact with the rest of the world. The griffons, who were once great warriors, just hid in their cold, desolate mountain like cowards.

The remaining regions of the former Empire took the name of Central Equestria. Their King was able to protect the most valuable and strategically important cities, like Manehatten. But he only prolonged the agony of his nation...

Year after year, the war waged on... Every side suffered tremendous casualties but none could triumph over the other. The battle has become a stalemate. The front lines have solidified like a frozen lake. But the so-called truce did not bring too much relief... Disease, hunger, violence and riots spread like wildfires only the never sleeping factories remained constant... the pale Sun always hides behind the dense, black smoke coming from their chimneys, like if it was ashamed of the world. Well... the Sun has every right to feel that way...

So I guess the saying is true... Countries do have the same life cycles as we do. And ours is dying. When the ponies lose faith in their own country, that country is doomed to be lost in the sands of time... After all... this is the Age of the Fading Light.

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- No godmodding (nopony's all-powerful and/or invincible, not even Celestia herself)

- No puppeteering (please refrain from taking control of someone else's character without a permission)

- No killing each other's characters without permission.

- No Deus ex Machina (a conflict cannot be magically solved/made disappear by a simple flash of a horn.)

- There is no character/person limit, you may play as many characters as you want, within a reasonable number of course.

- Please do not implement anything that deviates drastically from the established laws of the show!

- We like to keep a fast pace and although this is not a specific rule, but try to post daily so you won't fall out of the loop.

- And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

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In order to join with your OC, please fill out this short character sheet below!

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Useful tips:

- This is the sequel of the Eye of Anubis RP. However, you don't really need to have too much knowledge of the previous RP. Only a few characters are the common link. So that shouldn't hold you back if you wish to join! :)

- This RP takes place in a time period AFTER the Medieval times of Equestria. The premise is more or less like our world was during the Great Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Lots of new technologies, machines, factories and overall pretty bad life conditions.

- The RP takes place 8 YEARS AFTER the events of the prequel, however, there will be some flashbacks.

- The RP will be full of twists, the tables will be turned every once in a while which will mean that the fine line between antagonists and protagonist will not be as unambiguous as usual.
 They say that just like ponies, countries and empires have lives too. They go through the same stages
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