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btflash posted on May 09, 2015 at 03:54PM
Yeah, uh, no new episode today, so I guess there's really nothing to talk about...


Today is the ninth of may, 2015.
The forward Slash is also used as a symbol for division.

What's 5 divided by 9 divided by 15 rounded to the nearest hundredth?


The month before may is the 4th month.

The 4th day of the 4th month this year, there was a total lunar eclipse, also known as a "blood moon" (source: link)

It's a day where the moon turns red.
Red. The most popular color for Alicorn OCs.
Luna is an alicorn
Luna is the Princess of the Moon.

Luna turned into a bad Alicorn OC on the 4th of April 2015.

According to the "Blood Moon Prophecy" (as looked up on wikipedia),
The blood moon on the 4th of april this year was the second of 3 consecutive total eclipses in a series, known as a tetrad, in a year.


The 3rd blood moon for this year (that year being october 2014 - october 2015) is estimated to be on September 28, 2015.

Based on the fact that MLP's 5th season is set to run until september of 2015 (provided there are no more episode-less weeks).

The 5th season will end in september, but fans will start talking about the 6th season directly after, so fans will be talking about the 6th season in september.

If Season 5 goes on the way it is, the last episode of the season should be September 26th, 2015, so fans will begin talking about the 6th season on the eve of the 3rd blood moon.

6th. 6/3 is 2

2 3's

3rd blood moon
3 sets of 3 on the 3rd blood moon.


 Yeah, uh, no new episode today, so I guess there's really nothing to talk about... o IS THERE?!
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hace más de un año otakuxwolf said…
This is too beautiful oh my lord
hace más de un año triq267 said…
Dear Lord, bt, I was just kidding. Seriously though this is the best.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Very interesting.
hace más de un año btflash said…

There are 11 letters in "interesting"


there are three syllables in the word "eleven"

hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
What's your favorite thing about the Half Life games?
btflash commented…
I don't know, I don't play them hace más de un año
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
If you don't play them, why are you so excited for Half Life 3?
hace más de un año btflash said…
... it's a joke.

I don't think anyone could have spent the past... uh, how long was it?
*1 google search later...*

eh screw it, just rolling with 12 years or some shit.

Anyway, it's hard to be on the internet AT ALL without hearing the occasional "HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED" joke.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
That's the very first time I heard it.
triq267 commented…
link hace más de un año