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 Another título screen
Another title screen
I've made several enemies, been in many wars, and countless battles, but this will be intense. It all started on March 13, 2025 when King Sombra was figuring out a way to destroy Equestria. He had something very big planned after losing the crystal empire.

King Sombra: Finally, time to test the time machine. *travels back into time*

November 23, 2012

Nazi Leiutenant: They went into a place called Equestria.
Robotnik: Then lets go!
King Sombra: Wait!
Robotnik: What do tu want?
King Sombra: I heard you're trying to destroy a hedgehog correct?
Robotnik: Ja, and?
King Sombra: I want to help you. Follow...
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 zim as a poni, pony
zim as a pony
zim pov

i was at my house and gir was watching his mostrar i went to my lab i was working on my homework then i fell sleep later i woke up it feel diff. in the house and i not in my lab and i look myself and i was a pony.


then gir came in he was a poni, pony too

"hi zim"

"hello gir"

i went outside i saw ponys then a rosado, rosa poni, pony came up to me

"hi new poni, pony what's your name and my name is pinkie pie"

"my name is invader zim and i am a irken"

"what's a irken"

"a ailen"

"oooh ok follow me zim and meet my friends"

i saw her friends in a house

"hey everbody meet zim"

"hello zim"

"what the i never seen tu before...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
♥Apple Jack♥
Before she became one of her family's best manzana, apple gatherers, aguardiente de manzana, applejack tried her hoof at the sophisticated life. aguardiente de manzana, applejack leaves the farm and heads to the big city of Manehattan to registrarse her Aunt and Uncle Orange, who promised to shape up the little filly into that of elegance. During an evening get-together with some of the other regal Equestrians, AJ tells them how much she loves the city with her new high-society accent, but she causes a raise of eyebrows when she mentions the life she left behind. Thankfully, her awkward moment is interuppted as cena arrives. But it turns...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
Like a shadow loves to follow
When the sun's shining bright
I'll be around
Oh, i'll be around
And how the moon can mover the water
When the stars are in the sky
I'll be around
Oh, i'll be around

I've always got your back
I'll always hold it down
I'll be around
And anything tu need
won't have to make a sound
'Cause i'll be around

And when the times gets harder,
we can take off
You don't have to worry
if we get lost
'Cause i'll be around
I'll be around
And tu don't have to wonder
We can be free
Anything tu want,
you can count on me
'Cause i'll be around
I'll be around

And it's much better than a promise
It's más like...
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hola guys! I was inspired por Canada24's lista of his favorito! (and least favorite) works of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction to write up my own lista as well. However, I don't really want to trash on anyone's stories, so I'm just going to do my favorites, but to make up for only discussing the favorites, I'll lista más stories. My parte superior, arriba 15, as the título implied. Just a warning, I know some people aren't as big readers as myself, and don't want to read these long fics, but please at least look at what I have to say about them. As a warning though the shortest of my parte superior, arriba 15 is 60,000+...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Our cast for this Celebrity Jeopardy skit is

Saten Twist - Alex Trebek (He wears a white wig, a fake white mustache, and his cutie mark has been changed to a game mostrar wheel.)
Sean The Hedgehog as himself
Double Scoop as Shia Labeuof
Master Sword as Vin Diesel (For this skit, he's bald)

Audience: *Clapping*
Alex: And welcome back to Celebrity Jeopardy. It's been an exciting game so far, let's take a look at the scores. Vin Diesel is in third place with negative $23,495.37
Audience: *Laughing*
Vin: I got laid during the commercials.
Audience: *Laughing*
Alex: We didn't need to know that, but okay....
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Now, if tu all know me, then tu will know that I amor Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is such a fun and addictive game. But, not only that, once tu get the Dream Mansion, tu can visit other people’s towns and visit their dreams…. However, this soon lead to a town that was so terrifying, that I honestly got más scared of it then I did with any other horror game. The town in pregunta is known only as Aika Village.
So, the way to get to Aika Village is por putting in the code 2600 0218 7298. Once tu arrive, tu will then see that tu are in a strange sand like area. Once tu look at the...
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Mr.Brightside: So, Jordy. It seems that W is interested in having tu registrarse the Killer investigation.
Jordy_Dash: Okay, I’ll be over there right away (Hangs up) (At least now it will make finding the segundo Killer that más easy)
W: Thank tu for joining us, Jordy
Jordy_Dash: Glad I could join
W: Just don’t go stealing my thunder now, okay (Laughs) (Suddenly stops) Seriously, don’t. Now, the first thing tu need to do is look over all the evidence we have, so tu can get an idea of what’s going on
Jordy_Dash: Fair enough
(Later that night)
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posted by jordy_dash
This is goodbye, I am saddened to say it but all things must come to an end, mlp has bored me, I havve grown out of it and havven't enjoyed it, I am escritura here to say some things to my friends wether they be here o not

Alinah- an amazing friend, we had good conversations about anime and tu were always there to cheer me up, hell tu could put a smile on slenders face, I wish we could've had más conversations but unfortunately we couldn't because of time zone differences so when im on your off and vice versa, tu are an amazing artist and really god damn cool, stay awesome (//_^)

Laugh- I...
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posted by PeacefulCritic
To be honest, It's almost navidad and I haven't done anything for that Holiday. Just because I'm working on a new review series that wouldn't be finished until after New years. There's obviously something wrong with that. So, out of guilt I'm giving tu my review on "Snowdrop".Ah, yes the infamous and Famous "Snowdrop" from "SillyFillyStudios". This piece of fan made episode left a big impact on más then just 400 of us.

Why's that exactly well, for that we have to look into the main character herself Snowdrop. She's pretty likable. She has a personality,development and a lot, a lot of sympathy,...
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Story/Main plot:So we start out with our villains. Finding out the defeat of Sunset the demon. Well, the arco iris magic. And somehow no one else notices it.....why?I guess demands it. Anyway back to the story. We seem to be in the CHS, Where we are seeing the students get ready for the "battle of the bands". First part of it at least. Since Celestia is a troll she reminds everyone of the dance. Everyone so how gets the urge to look at Sunset in a angry face. Huh, Nicely played Celestia. actuación innocent while giving one of our students a hard time. So after that scene we cut into the main...
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Theme Song: link

STH Productions Presents

The Sequel to Dirty Harry

Magnum Force


The San Franciscolt Police Department

Dirty Harry
Lieutenant Briggs
Early Joe
Charlie McCoy
John Davis
Phil Sweet
Rick Jones
Max McGarrett

Innocent ponies

Mary, and her little ponies
Black Mare

Bad Ponies

Frank Pollanchio
Frank's Thugs
Italian Drug Dealer

This fanfic starts off at the courthouse.

Ricca: *Walking down hall*
Reporter: How do tu feel about letting Anthony Scarza free?
Ricca: I have no comentario at the time.
Reporter: Why did tu let him free?
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posted by TotalDramaFan60

Butterscotch is a yellow poni, pony with a golden brown mane. Her eyes are also golden brown. Her cutie mark is several naranja butterflies.

Blue Belle

Blue Belle is a blue poni, pony with a purple mane. She has periwinkle eyes and her cutie mark is a cluster of twelve periwinkle stars.


Minty is an green poni, pony with a white mane. She has blue eyes and her cutie mark is a cluster of eleven dark green clovers.


Snuzzle is a grey poni, pony with a rosado, rosa mane. She has blue eyes and her cutie mark is a cluster of rosado, rosa hearts.

Cotton Candy

Cotton dulces is a rosado, rosa poni, pony with a dark rosado, rosa mane. She has purple...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It was a great día in the Crystal Empire, but Juno was flying her plane with Proxy, and Jeff on board.

Cadence: *Sees plane with binoculars* We have visitors.
Shining Armor: Twilight Sparkle has found us.
Cadence: Perhaps. Shining, gather all of our soldiers to fight with me, but stay here.
Shining Armor: Cadence, I'm más powerful than you. Let me fight!
Cadence: No, tu will do as I say, o you'll be executed. I need somepony to defend this castle.
Shining Armor: Very well, but be careful.
Cadence: I will. *Kisses Shining Armor*
Shining Armor: *Kisses Cadence back*

Okay, enough with the romance!...
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posted by TotalDramaFan60
Aaaand welcome to the Awesome Brony Show! I might come up with a different name for it later, I don’t know, but here we go!

Happy Friday Everypony! If it’s yo birthday, tu know what that means! No tu don’t! This is the first episode!

For da sisters: (PEGASISTERS UNITE!)
Your corazón flows like a running stream,
My gift to tu is this:
A arco iris power Derpy cause tu knew tu wanted it.

For da bros: (Sorry, I have to do this XD XD XD! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA! Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…LOL)
Those bucked-up people may think you’re strange,
Even though you’re really not.
They knew this was coming…...
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While I was with Con, and Discord, arco iris Dash was trying to get into the building.

Rainbow Dash: We have to save Sean, and Con!
Fenix: Nein! It's too dangerous. Any of Discord's soldiers could be in there waiting for us.
Rainbow Dash: I can't believe this. tu are supposed to be tough, being a leader of an army, and all that.
Fenix: I don't know what your version of being tough is, but my version is not being an idiot, and getting shot.
Rainbow Dash: Well tu know what? If tu won't go in there, I will. *Runs insides*
Fenix: Dash no!

Dash yes! Because Discord was pouring some acid into a pool...
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-First Before I Start I want tu to Know Luna's oldest Daughter and husband are not my characters they belong to Dragon-88.

"Moon Dust! tu ready to go!" shouted Luna from outside my door. I put on my socks. I walked out. "I'm ready Luna" I said. "Good, have tu eaten?" she asked. "No" "WHAT! tu don't go out for a night journey to the crystal empire on an empty stomach! We are stopping at the castillo to eat!"
"Umm will we disturb Celestia and Eris?" I asked. "No, anyway I should probably say goodbye to hierba mora, nightshade and the twins." Luna replied. "Wait tu have kids!? Where the heck have been?"...
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 Harry, and Joe drive to the crime scene
Harry, and Joe drive to the crime scene
An hora after the police poni, pony killed Ricca, and the other ponies in the car, Harry, and his new partner, Early Joe arrived at the scene of the crime.

Police poni, pony 6: *Sees Harry* Hi Harry, what are tu doing here?
Harry: My job.
Police poni, pony 6: tu better get out of here before Lieutenant Briggs sees you.
Harry: Let him see me. It would be an interesting experience.
Lieutenant Briggs: And so it is. What are tu doing here Harry?
Harry: Observing the crime scene.
Lieutenant Briggs: You, and your partner are on stakeout.
Harry: Yeah, well we had nothing interesting to watch, and we were close by....
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posted by _MockingJay_
The siguiente day, Silver Tune sat siguiente to Snow Flake and Coffee Crème in Art class. Coffee Crème was very excited. She loved art!

SF: I can see tu like art class. *laughs*
CC: Of course I do! I amor painting and drawing!
ST: Oh, you're a good drawer?
CC: *points at cutie mark*
ST: Well, duh. Haha.

The teacher smiled as she saw each student. She cleared her throat and grabbed a paper.

Teacher: Class! I have very exciting news!
ST: Oh no.. Not this again..
CC: What?
ST: *sigh* The Middle School Pr-
Teacher: The Middle School Prom is coming soon!
SF: *gasp* Yes!
ST: *rolls eyes*
CC: What's so bad about the...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con continued driving the car/submarine through the ocean, as he got toward Atlantis.

Con: There's what we came to look at.
Double X: What?
Con: Toward the bottom, there is a place that shoots missiles.
mexicans: *swim toward car*
Double X: Con, look!
Con: *shoots mexican swimmers*
Double X: Now there's more
Con: They're armed too.
mexican 1: *shoots explosive arrow*
Con: *dodges*
mexican 2: *shoots another explosive arrow*
Double X: *deploys oil*
Con: What are tu doing?
Double X: *deploys mine*
Mexicans: *explode*
Con: How did tu know about that?
Double X: I saw the blueprints for this car two weeks...
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