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This is retelling a South Park episode. Almost word to word. But I change some characters.. And some dialogue, particalary Saten's dialogue change from Stan's..

This episode is just me trying to see how much dark content I could get away with..

Narrator: Way up in the mountains in a small little town, The Main calle was being decorated all up and down. People stood in long lines, sometimes waiting hours o more, Because navidad needs to be bought in a store.
But out in the forest, not too far away...

Nearby forest. Cute forest animales gather round and decorate a small pine tree.

Narrator: The little woodland critters were also preparing for their navidad Day.

Woodland Critters (singing): It's almost time when the time is here, The time that's only once a year. We can hardly wait, 'cause it's so near. A Woodland Critter Christmas!

Narrator: The little critters worked hard as they happily sang, And each one of them had a quite interesting name. There was Squirrely the squirrel, Rabbity the rabbit, Beavery the beaver, and Beary the bear. Porcupiney the porcupine, Skunky the skunk, Foxy the fox, and Deery the deer. Woodpeckery the woodpecker, Mousey the mouse, and Chickadee-y the chickadee, all made the forest their house.

(wow, real orginal XD)

Narrator: And on that magical day, stumbling upon all of that, was our favorito! red pony.

Saten (drinks light beer, already had 4 before it, crossing forest to get to Trixie's new house in ponyville): Still better than I use to drink... (sees them) What the hell?

Rabbity: Well, hello there. Welcome to our forest.

Skunky: How do tu like our navidad tree?

Saten: I.. I really don't care.

Beavery: Why, it's the most perfect árbol in the forest! [the other cheer]

Saten (annoyed): I don't have time for thi-

Mousey: Oh no, I see a problem.

Deery: What is it, Mousey?

Mousey: Our navidad árbol doesn't have a star.

Critters: Awww.

Beary: We can't have a árbol with no estrella on it.

Saten (annoyed): Can't I ever just cruzar, cruz the forest in peace.

Rabbity: What are we gonna do?

Squirrely: Now don't be down, y'all. Maybe our new friend can help us find a star.

Critters [among other things]: Can tu really? Oh would tu please? Could tu help us?

Saten: Fine I'll get your stupid estrella if it means tu leaving me alone.

Critters: [cheering] Yay!

Narrator: And so, using some paper and working with glee, the happy red Pegasus made a estrella for the tree. Smiling the whole time.

Saten: (not smiling) There, its done, can I go now?

Critters: Ohhhh!

Beary: It's the nicest estrella I ever saw.

Narrator: The little critters cheered and Beavery dicho with a smile...

Beavery (smiling): How would tu like to sing and dance with us for a while?

Narrator: Saten Twist smiled and said...

Stan [doesn't smile] Uh, no thanks, I'm gonna go. [turns around, and walks off]

Beavery: Goo- goodbye Twisty!

Critters: Goodbye, Saten! Bye! Cya!

Saten (to himself) (annoyed): Uhhh.

Saten finally arrives at Trixe's house.

Trixie: What took you?

Saten: I'll tell tu later.. cena, comedor ready?

Trixie: Sure..
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