Episode 2

The Darkness That Covers The Skies.

Border Guard.
Traveler - hola Joe how is life.
Guard - Boring... How is your traveling going?
Traveler - Pretty good but finally I can speak with my family.
Guard - That is nice.
*something moved in bushes*
Traveler - hm?
Guard - What the- hola don't go closer!
Traveler - Chill dude it is possibly only an anim-
*something pulls him inside bushes*
Guard - Oh shit! *grabs gun* dude don't joke...
*blood start to go out of the bushes*
Guard - *grabs radio* I-I need help... Right now...
HQ - This is HQ your location.
Guard - X-432 Y-329
HQ - Attacker?
Batpony - *gets closer to Guard*
Guard - A fucking vampire! He- *static*
HQ - Hello? Hello?!

- - -
- - -
Equestrian Concuil Meeting

Celestia - Major General. Report?
Dan - As tu wish. What we have here is not low level like Demons. We have mid level - Bat Ponies.
Luna - Why now?
Dan - Rebellion. Worst is that they won't stop untill annihilated.
Shiningarmor - Worst case scenario is losing some land and see death of thousands those Ponies are dangerous.
Dan - What worse is that they have the secret wepon...
Celestia - tu don't mean...
Dan - Deus Ex Machina, wepon that destroyed Old Equestrian Islands.

Bulded with powerful machinery and magic the flying death Deus Ex Machina aswell called "The Old God" o "Leviathan" once annihilated with powerful magic whole island. Only some Ponies survived.

At the same time.
Ex-Demon Annihilation Academy.
Now : Fragment Study Academy.
Teacher - When those two Fragments combined we can gain-
Lightning - *whispers* heard news?
Darkness - And what are those?
Lightning - One of guard got killed por Bat pony.
Darkness - neat.
Lightning - I feel new war coming up.
Darkness - so... We don't need to interfere into it.
Lightning - Deus Ex Machina is in they hands.
Darkness - Never mind then we need.
Lightning - But terms are discussed now so we have about 3 days of free time.

Break Time

Whiteheart - This lecturing is boring.
Bluewave - tu tell me...
Darkness - This is finally over.
Lightning - tu should listen Darkness your grades are really los.
Darkness - tu wanna try me?
Lightning - No, no after tu got that mech hand I don't feel tu are on MY level.
Darkness - tu say I'm worse?
Lightning - Noooooo- of yeah.
Darkness - Grrrrr.
Blackshadow - *teleports to them*
Whiteheart - *jumps from her spot* tu scared me.
Lightning - What are tu doing here aren't borders closed.
Blackshadow - I was chosed to be Demon Represantive por Hunter, the new king.
Darkness - This old son of a- chill... Breath in... Breath out...
Lightning - Take It easy.

The calm was about to be unbalanced.