Two hours later, several ponies were scraping the white paint off of the first three cars of the train. Two German ponies were supervising them, carrying MP40's to shoot them if they disobeyed any orders.

Colonel Von Waldheim: *Watches the engine for his train get coupled up. He hears some explosions*
German poni, pony 39: *Also hears the explosions, and looks up in the sky*
Colonel Von Waldheim: *Looks at Major Herren*
Major Herren: That's not thunder Colonel, artillery.
Colonel Von Waldheim: How close?
Major Herren: Three miles perhaps. 88's, I think.
Colonel Von Waldheim: When will they be finished?
Major Herren: Half an hour. Does it matter? tu can't take the train out in daylight.
Colonel Von Waldheim: The Allies could be here before night!
Major Herren: Possibly, but a moving train has no chance.

The air raid siren went off again.

Ponies: *Getting off the train*
German poni, pony 39: Colonel! *Pushes Von Waldheim into cover, under one of the engines left on it's side por the tracks* Get down, get down!! *They both get under*
Allies: *Flying B52 bombers, passing por without dropping any bombs*

Five bombers flew past, and none of them dropped any bombs.

German poni, pony 39: Why?
Colonel Von Waldheim: The paint on the cars. It's a signal. They're not going to bomb the train! Don't scrape it off, leave it there! It's my ticket to Germaneigh!!

Will Von Waldheim finally make it to Germaneigh?

Will he get the paintings with his bare hooves?

Will the 3rd Reich be rich, and have the capability to get rid of the Allies?

All of these preguntas will be answered in the siguiente part, coming soon.