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Twi: Saten Twist!? I thought I told tu stay with Discord.
Saten: I was afried you'd get lost.. Besides. Discord's fine.
Twi: Fine.. But try to behave yourself.
Saten: Can do.
Twi: ... How's Derpy por the way.
Saten: Don't know.. Haven't seen her since the last time I was with Master Sword.

CUTAWAY, (my own verision of WORDS OF WIS-DUMB, hurt feelings.. There's part of two I felt would of liked even more, if it were this way):
Saten: *pulls over the bully to Derpy* Now., apologize.
Pony: Okay.. I'm sorry your she's an idiot.
Saten: Hey!.. I'm gonna ask nicely. That tu so my lovely cousin a little repect.
Pony: Your cousin.. Man. Your family must be 'so proud' to have so 'smart' ponies.
Saten: Fuck tu man.. This is your last warning.
Derpy: *somewhat annoyed* Cousin.. Just hit him already.
Saten: *evil grin, and grabs a pole like object* Anything for tu sweetie.. *violantly smashes the ponies face in, knocking out a few teeth*
Derpy: Much better..
Sword: Your cousin single.
Saten: I guess wh- Oh no.. No way. Don't even think about it!
Sword: Just once.. Please.
Saten: No... tu just end up hurting her.. And I'll end up killing you.. And not simple killings either. I mean like really creative killings. Like in those SAW movies.
Sword: *ends up asking her out anyway*
Saten: She'll never agre- *Derpy agrees*
Derpy: Saten. He's not even as dorky as tu say he is.
Sword: Wha-
Saten: Well.. I still loved pranking him anyway.
Derpy: *laughs* tu did..
Saten: Yes.. I remember I use to put fiberglass shards in his gym shorts. Every time he had to take a pee. He'd come back crying. *Saten and Derpy laugh*
Sword: It wasn't funny. It was painful.. Wasn't so much the fiber. As it was the glass!.. I had to get a urethra transplant.. And those are COSTLY!
Sword: tu should hear his más reciente ones.. *to Saten* Tell her what tu did a the other day.
Saten: Well.. I mailed a wild hog to house the other day.
Saten: Plus.. The time before that. We were suppose to have a sleepover at his house., I was planning to sneak laxatives into his cereal.. But the sleep over got canceled so I couldn't get him with that one.
Derpy: Ohh... But the idea was still there.
Saten: Oh! Differently *they highfive*
Sword: *arrogantly* HE DIDN'T GET ME THOUGH! He didn't get me... DidyougetmeSaten? Didyougetme!?
Satan: No-
Sword: No! tu did not get me!... Who didn't get me... Saten Twist.
Saten: tu know what.. Fuck it.. Fine. tu guys go out.. But only once.
Sword: Good enough. *leaves*
Sword: Alright Derpy.. Let's go.
Derpy: Fine.
Sword: Just remember one thing tonight. One thing.. Your cousin did NOT get me with poop thing..

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