Well... I can't believe its here. I dicho I'd review this back in my Modofiyers review, so here it is. I give tu the worst, and I mean the fucking WORST, channel of this día and age... Nickelodeon.
Okay, so why is Nickelodeon so awful... Well, lets compare some other channels. Cartoon Network has Adventure Time. disney has Gravity Falls. Hub has My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What does Nickelodeon have......... They have modern Spongebob, Sangey and Craig, and........... Well, I'll tell tu the other mostrar when it comes to it. Now, these are the three shows that Nickelodeon has most... See the problem here? None of these shows are good to watch. There either stupid, have low humor, o are just too fucked up for children. Lets start with the most infamous one, Spongebob.
Spongebob was once one of the greatest shows of my childhood. I enjoyed everything about it. The characters, the humor, the everything. But, once Season 3 came, things started to go down hill. And, once we got to Season 6, all was completely lost. So, what is wrong with new Spongebob. Well, I'll tell you. First, Spongebob is the symbol of annoying. He always laughs, and is always doing whatever he can to torture others that don't deserve it. Also, he breaks into people's homes, steals the spotlight from others, and even ruins peoples lives and gets rewarded for it. tu got to be fucking kidding me. Also, his very odd obsession with Squidward is just... messed up. Oh, and that's just one character. We still got a full lista to continue with.
Now, Patrick used to be an idiot that tu couldn't help but love. Though, I can assure tu that any likability he had is forever gone. In the new episodes, all he is is a huge prick that does whatever he wants that makes tu want to strangle him and other times he's not being a lovable idiot, but más of an annoying idiot. Yeah, this is kind of a problem, especially since his idiocy also makes him más hatable, like when he always keeps a toy for himself which he bought with Spongebob's money and then complains on how Spongebob learned nothing about sharing. God, I hate this fat bastard. Now, lets mover on to the other character that was ruined.
Mr. Krabs was always a cheapskate, I know, but in the new episodes, he has become ten times worse. Here's what he has done. He actually makes his employees work extremely long hours, but pays them below minimum wage. And that's just the beginning. He has also poisoned all of his customers just to earn money, which I am surprised that he actually got off scott-free for that. What the fuck. I think Miles Edgeworth put it best. How could this justice system fall into such decay. Oh, and that's not even the fucking worst. Here is the worst. He actually thinks it was a good idea to scare Plankton por dressing up as his daughter, who is a whale, because Plankton says whale's eat plankton. See the problem with the writers. Whales don't eat plankton, they eat krill. Finding Nemo pointed this out, for God's sake. Anyway, this physically harms Plankton so badly that he lies in the road and says "Can't tu see I'm trying to get run over"................ Let that sink in for a moment. Yes, the mostrar is actually trying to point out a character attempting suicide. Oh, yeah, and Mr. Krabs doesn't car at all. I would say he would go to prison for this, but tu can break into peoples homes, destroy others property, and even attempt murder, and the police won't even notice. They seem to be más interested in taking harm to Squidward because the world hates him... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Squidward.
Back then, lots of people hated Squidward because he was a jerk to everyone, but nowadays, all he does is try to stay away from Spongebob. He does nothing wrong, yet he is always getting punished for it. So, this character is the only remaining character of any likability. Imagine that. All the characters were loved except Squidward, but now, he's the only one people can stand...
Well, I think that does it for Spongebob, but remember, we still got two más shows to go. So, siguiente on the shit lista is Sangey and Craig.
Okay, so this mostrar doesn't have a lot for me to talk about, but I will say this... It sucks. Now that I got that out of the way, time to talk about this awful show. Sangey and Craig is a bout a kid and his talking snake friend............ That's about it. Great idea for a show, huh? No. The answer is no. Also, this mostrar is most about toilet humor... It's not funny. It falls flatter on its face then those skateboarding fail videos on Youtube. And also, they make the same joke throughout a whole episode. tu know, if it wasn't funny the first time, they need to do it again until we find it funny. It doesn't fucking work. And, like I said, there wasn't much to talk about here, so all I can say is, why did they put it here. Don't ask me.
Well... Here it is. The worst show, not just on Nickelodeon, but, this is the worst animated mostrar I have ever watched, ever. Worse then new Spongebob, worse then Snagey and Craig, Even worse then the goddamn Bubsy cartoon. This is the worst decision Nickelodeon ever made. Its worse when the gave that annoying idiot fred his show. It's worse when they made the Last Airbender movie. It's worse when they got rid of good shows to replace them with shit... Here it is. The fucking worst mostrar I've ever seen... That show... Is Breadwinners. Oh dear god... Why... Why was this ever created. Someone tell me why this abomination was ever made.
Well, Breadwinners started out as a youtube series, because Nickelodeon is so goddamn lazy that the would rather get animated videos from youtube and turn it into a mostrar then just make there own. And, what's dumber is that Breadwinners only had 100, 000 vistas when Nickelodeon made it a show, and that's not a lot por youtube standards. fred at least had over a million views, which is stupid that a million people watched that moronic crap. Anyway, the animación for Breadwinners is ATROCIOUS!!! It's the worst animación ever, and I've seen early CJI shows, but even those looked better......... tu know what, screw it, I'm just going to say it........ Dusk's Dawn had better animación then this. Oh yeah, I just dicho that. Why is Dusk's Dawn's animación better? Because at least the animación sometimes looked like the show's animation, and at least they actually relied on there own animation, where as Breadwinners uses that awful clipart por going onto google imágenes and just taking pictures form it, because the animators can't animate at all. And you'd think something this horrible would never make it past the pilot episode........ It did... and it's still going to this day. And tu may be thinking, "Well, it probably has bad ratings"....... I wish, but... Get this....... It's been rated....... as the #1 children's show.............................. tu got to be fucking kidding me. This abomination got #1 in something. If anything, it should be a #1 piece of shit, but no, this mostrar gets praised por people... This is a sign that Nickelodeon is forever dead. What happened to this show.
There was once great- no- amazing shows on Nickelodeon. there was Hey, Arnold, Rugrats, Avatr: The Last Airbender and, like I dicho before, Spongebob was once a wonderful show. Oh God, what happened to those shows. Why did they get cancelled to make room for these abominations.
Well, there tu have it, the worst channel ever that needs to die. And I mean, it needs to fucking die........ But, hay, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take