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Two weeks later, a large some of ponies had gathered out into the town park. There were chairs lined up for everyone, and there was a long rug that was in the center. Ice Ball stood in front of the audience wearing a suit.
Suddenly, a poni, pony in a white wedding vestido walked down the isle. Once she stood near Ice Ball, she removed the veil. Snow Flake, of course, was smiling as she stood in front of Ice Ball, who would be her husband in a few short moments.
It took a moment, but soon, the preacher said, "Ice Ball, do tu take this mare to be your lawfully wedded wife".
Ice Ball, not even giving it a segundo thought, said, "I do".
The preacher then said, "And do you, Snow Flake, take this stallion to be your lawfully wedded husband".
Snow Flake, quick on the matter said, "I do".
The preacher then said, "Then, por the power invested in me, I hereby pronounce husband and wife. tu may kiss the bride".
In that moment, Ice Ball felt Snow Flake kiss him, which was as wonderful as the first kiss. The crowd cheered as they broke away and smiled.
Ice Ball didn't think it was possible, but he did it. He married the mare he always wanted to marry.
Once it was over, Ice Ball could here his mother say, "I'm real proud of tu son. I'm sure your father would have been too". Ice Ball's father died three years before. It was a corazón attack that did it. But, Ice Ball knew he would be to and said, "I'm sure he would be, mom" and he gave her a hug, which she found to be one of the best she had ever gotten.
Snow Flake, who was there as well at the moment, said, "Ice Ball... I'm glad I got to know you. I'm real glad we met all those years ago. I knew we'd be good friends then, but I never expected this, But, now that it is actually here... I'm happy".
Ice Ball, who had a large smile on his face, said, "So am I, Snow Flake".
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I created this fanfic last year. Many of the older users, such as TawnyJay, and Starwarsfan7 enjoyed it, and I hope tu guys enjoy it too.

Aah navidad time. It only comes to us once a year, but when it does everyone has a good time. It was the 15th of December, and Sugarcube Corner was very busy. Mr, and Mrs Cake were making cakes like there was no tomorrow. Pound and calabaza were learning how to walk, thanks to Pinkie Pie. Their first few attempts weren't so good, but it seemed like they were going to do it. "Come on," Pinkie said, "Everyone has to learn how to walk." Pound almost got it,...
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Wheels of evil – Part 1

It’s summer. The night is warm. The soft breeze cuddles the árbol branches. The full Moon pours its white light on the land. Crickets chirping. Countless fireflies circling in the air. Everything is calm. The glowing orb reaches its zenith on the obsidian sky. Flickering stars. Elongating shadows. The clock on Town Square shows 2 AM. The quiet sound of streaming water. A fuente in the middle of the square. The regal, life size statue of Celestia observes the town restlessly. Ponyville at night…

The night is warm. Open windows. Billowing curtains. Sighs, snores...
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I'm not surprised.
my little poni, pony
My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad
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I walked with the mane 6 to the Canterlot Castle. When we entered, I saw Chrysalis and Shining Armor. We gasped. "She put the same spell on him as last time!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed. Chrysalis saw us and said, "Well, if it isn't the mane 6. Oh, and a new pony, I see." Chrysalis glared at me. "We will not let tu get away with this!" I said. Chrysalis laughed. "How can tu stop me? My team of chan-" Twilight Sparkle glared at her. "We already stopped your team of changelings." queen Chrysalis looked surprised and then said, "Well, even if tu stopped them, tu CAN NOT stop ME." We left the castle,...
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