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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Seanthehedgehog Presents

Middle School

Based off the book Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life por James Patterson

It feels as the día is crummy that I begin this tale of total desperation, and woe with me, my pukey sister Georgia, and Leonardo The Silent sitting like rotting sardines in the back of a Hill's Village Police Department cruiser. I'll explain about that later, but first a little info about me. I'm Rafe Khatchadorian. I'm a 11 año old colt, starting middle school in possibly the worst place possible.

Hills Village Middle School. It's like a prison for colts, and fillies. Many of the teachers are rude, and so is nearly every student. I found out about all this when I got to my first class.

Rafe: *looking for a place to sit*
Ponies: *staring at Rafe*
Rafe: *goes to back row*
Miller: *staring*
Rafe: *sits down*
Miller: Sitting in the back, huh?
Rafe: Uh, yeah.
Miller: Are tu one of those troublemakers o something?
Rafe: I don't know. Not really.
Miller: *shakes head* This is where all the juvies sit. In fact, you're in my seat.
Rafe: *looks at chair* I don't see your name on it.
Miller: *pulls Rafe out of chair* Let's try that again. This is my seat. Understand?
Rafe: Y-yes.
Miller: Good. Find another spot.
Rafe: *sits siguiente to chair he was previously in*
Miller: Uh-uh. That one is mine too.
Rafe: *stands up*
Mr. Rourke: *walks into classroom* Excuse me Mr. Khatch... Khatch-a... Khatch-a-dor...
Rafe: Khatchadorian.
Colt: Gesundheit!
Ponies: *laughing*
Mr. Rourke: QUIET!!!
Ponies: *stop laughing*
Mr. Rourke: And how are tu on this fine día Rafe?
Rafe: Fine, thanks.
Mr. Rourke: Do tu find our seating uncomfortable?
Rafe: Not exactly.
Mr. Rourke: Then, sit down. NOW!!!!
Rafe: *sits down*
Mr. Rourke: Now listen up everypony. In a few minutes, tu will all go to the school auditorium for a meeting. If tu need any help getting there, there will be some teachers to help you. Any questions?
Filly: What are we doing in the meeting?
Mr. Rourke: tu will learn the rules, know your schedule, and receive your school books.

The campana rings, and we all go to the meeting

2 B continued
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I was bored and made this... XD
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My Name Is Twilight Sparkle
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Ooh, fascinating
my little poni, pony
My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad
Sean The Hedgehog presents

Based off the roleplay por Applejackrocks1

Hedgehog In Ponyville, and the Grand Galloping Gala

Dedicated to Applejackrocks1

I miss her so much :(

It was one of those days in winter where all the water was freezing. I had to stop Discord from one of his crazy schemes.

Discord: *enters building*
Sean: *waits por door*
Discord: *pulls switch*
Sean: The building is going into the ground! *hops on roof*

I snuck into what seemed to be Discord's layer. It was underground.

Robotnik: Guten Tag Discord.
Discord: Dr! So good to see tu again!! How is everything?
Robotnik: Wunderbar,...
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Spike:Peter,another drink.
Peter:My friend,you had enough for today!
Spike:Hey,you want my money,you don"t care about me!
Peter:I care about you.We have 20 years that know each other.Now,if tu want,I can give tu a job and..
Spike:No,I want more..More and more...
Jordan:Hey,we are men,and we are going to drink.I will give this man a drink.
Spike:Thanks man!
Jordan:No problem!I get what tu are passing!Do tu have children and a wife?
Spike:*sigh*Not anymore.
Jordan:Better!Now don"t worry.Drink as much as tu want.
Spike:Nah,I got to go!
Jordan:Then,see ya!
Spike:*enters in a casino*
Worker:We're closed!You...
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