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posted by btflash
I have a confession to make. It is a very tough confession to make, considering I've kept up this lie for so long. Stay tuned, there's an important message at the end as well. If tu read any of this article, and want to quit reading, read the end before tu quit. If tu do plan on lectura through the whole thing, dont skip to the end. Now, on to the all- important confession.

I hate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

From the moment I first saw the show, I despised it. I hated every single character on this show, especially twilight sparkle, who I consider especially annoying and whom i think is too much of a know-it-all for anyone to like her. I hate every person who would even consider liking this show.
My persona on here has been a lie. My hatred for bronies is so strong that I kept up a virtual identity on this site to fool everyone into thinking I myself was a brony. this fanbase is full of such gullible losers that it was easy to gain all your trust. I've learned many things during my little "experiment," and I would like to share what I learned.

What I learned - some Bronies/ pegasisters say they "love and tolerate," (ugh, what a horrid term) but can easily be manipulated to exhibit rage. This was shown when I caused Emmylove786 to rage when I simply comentó on one of her horrendous examen questions. coupling with this lesson, I also learned that other bronies will turn on other bronies that exhibit rage. This was shown when other bronies "came to my aid," no preguntas asked. I was going to try to stop it, but it was too fun to watch

This is but two examples of the horrendous behavior of the cult known as "bronies." Looking back, it's hard to believe "everypony" *ugh* fell for my little ruse. I was painfully obvious I was deceiving them all. I dropped so many obvious hints, I'm surprised none of the más intellectual bronies found me out. That just shows how gullible tu all are.

So yes, I confess I lied to tu all. I confess I deceived tu all with no guilt

Finally, I also confess that this whole articulo is just a horrible april fools joke, the whole article's all a lie, and I can only hope I didn't offend anyone, as I meant none of it. Happy April Foal's day, everypony! this articulo was really painful to write.

again, to be clear, this whole articulo was a joke, and I meant no offense.
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A poni, pony parody compilation video I made over a 3 week period, hope tu enjoy.
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Chris: Anyway.....our first challenge is a game of witss! Follow me.

-at the challenge area-
*Billie, Aqua, Christina, Owl, and Smiley are sitting on the benches to the left; Leon, Dawn, Tear, Claudia, and Jinx are sitting on the benches to the right*

Chris:*in the center* Now, on my left is Team Celestians. And on my right is Team Lunatics. Our trivia will be based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. First question, who is the ruler of Equestria?

Owl: Um, Princess Celestia?

Chris: Correct! 2 points for Team Celestians!

Team Celestians: YAY!

Chris: segundo pregunta goes to Team Celestians. Name...
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