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Pick one:
Someone Like tu | adele
How To Save | Life por The Fray
In My Veins | Andrew Belle
See Me | Rob Giles
Say When | The Fray
I Feel Pretty / Unpretty | glee Cast {Lea/Dianna}
Lucky | glee Cast {Chord/Dianna}
All We Are | Matt Nathanson
Caught por The Light | The boxer, boxeador Rebellion
Off I Go | Greg Laswell
Lovelihead | Michael Weatherly
My amor | Sia
California | Phantom Planet
Jar Of Hearts | Christina Perri
Songbird | glee Cast
Syndicate | The Fray
Never Say Never | The Fray
Back To tu | Wynter Gordon
Teenage Dream | Katy Perry
Fear | Stop Making friends {Pauley Perrette}
Over My Head (Cable Car) | The Fray
Firework | Katy Perry
amor lost | The Temper Trap
One día | LMFAO
Bring It Back | Kris Allen
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