música Songs I've listened to today; which is your favorite?

Pick one:
Within Temptation's Silver Moonlight
Within Temptation's The Dance
Within Temptation's Candles
Falling In Reverse's Gangsters Paradise
Craphazzard's Double Bubble
Chernoburkv & Craspore's ASФIXIA
Bad Religon's True North
Eluveitie's The Call Of The Mountains
AuRa's Panic Room
Quiet Riot's Cum On Feel The Noise
Combichrist's Fuck This Shit
Ofdream's Real Answer
Thrall's ❇,‘☽.☆ - ´✧ ‘⚚, ✧` - .☆.☾’,❇
Lenny Cooper's Rodeo
Wednesday13's Condolences
Epica's Chrimson Bow And arrow
Rvi Mekha's Хоровод
Назар тобы - Анажан
 zanhar1 posted hace 7 meses
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