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 Alissa White-Gluz
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This música foto might contain signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, letrero, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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the wanted
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This is one of my favorito! songs
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First of all, I don't mean to offend any "monsters" lectura this.

I used to think Lady Gaga was okay, she had a few good songs, and was cute. But in late 2009, she just got wierd. Disturbing. First it was the Paparazzi preformance at the VMAS. Then the vid. Then she started doing all kinds of crazy shit.

But to me the most offensive thing she's ever done was wear that meat dress at the 2010 VMAS. I mean come on! How offensive! Even Ellen DeGenerous dicho so herself! I personally am not a vegetarian, but there are so many people out there who are, and that just sent an awful message to them! Plus...
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taylor rápido, swift
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hola people! ☺ I came up with a lista of band names a while back when I was helping my brother with his band. He chose the name "Short-Change Heroes", which isn't on the lista because it's taken now. I'm not positive if all of these are free; if all of these aren't taken. But I decided to post them since I have nothing better to do. Read it. o don't. Eh, I don't give a crap, really.

-Acidic Kidney

-Acidic Risky

-Armored Heroes

-Arsenic Lemonaide

-Arsenic Manner

-Between Penalties

-Corporal Plague

-Criminal's Balcony

-Counterfeit Radar

-Dead end

-Distraction Flex

-Duck pato ZOMBIE

-Explicit Counterfeit

-Good-Natured Voodoo

-Haunted Pretense

-Heroes Unknown

-Intense Tide

-Mocked Gamers

-Muffled Affair

-Premature Masquerade

-Silencing Prelude

-Sinning Pope

-Sketchy Co-stars

-Slaughterhouse Vegans

-Something Chemical

-Vein of the Co-Stars

-Vivid panic
Is it me o why country música only appeal US and Canada and regular música and not popular music? Why country música worldwide release only appeal pop música release por country artists like Florida Georgia Line pop música and crossover like Lady Antebellum’s Need tu Now? That’s all people listening to country música worldwide does these days. Pop música released por country stars like Leann Rymes pop música and crossover like The Band Perry’s If I Die Young.

Not only that, popular música does not appeal country música like Miranda Lambert and tu have to use other popular música like pop música to...
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