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Keeping Secrets - Kicking Daisies

Something has got to
Be wrong with tu
I can't seem to read your mind
Is what they're sayin'
Really true?
Or is it just another lie
Built up this muro just to tear it down
Was it worth your time?
Thanks to tu things are different now
You have turned yourself around

How does it feel to be you?
You’ve got your eyes closed
'cause all tu do is see tu
But you'll never know

I’ve caught myself from falling for tu
I’ve stopped myself from being used
I’ll keep my secrets closed
I’ll keep my secrets from you
I’m not the one tu thought tu knew
This time the joke is...
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posted by justingurl99
To many people, música is nothing but a few metaphors with a catchy tune and good background music. To me, música is my life, my passion and my universe. It's the medicine I consume to let go of my pain. It's the only thing I listen to, to forget the past. The only thing I need to survive.
I've gone through a LOT already in the few years of life I've lived so far. I've been close to dying twice, and I've also been heartbroken and used. I've been betrayed por the one I thought I loved most. I was mocked and laughed at por the same person as well. But I get over the pain por listening to música and...
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posted by deathchick9
Len slowly opened his eyes to see he was laying in his cama it was quiet 'I must be the only one here...'.He got up to see his new home.He was alone in the digital world he now called home.As he explored his new inicial he found nine cama rooms each empty with only a computer, except for his which was full, three bathrooms, a kitchen,Landry room and family room with a big TV.
"Where am I?" Len thought out loud as he walked to the window to see nothing but black.Len backed away from the window and ran to his room.He lied in his cama till he fell a sleep.Weeks pasted, when he woke up he herd something...
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