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posted by Mallory101
Pitbull! Lil Jon! Federico Franchi!
(Boom boom, I?ma make ?em go krazy)
Hey, hey, let?s do it again baby
(Boom boom, I?ma make ?em go krazy)
Let?s do it!
We gotta do it again!
(Boom boom, I?ma make ?em go krazy)
Let?s make ?em go krazy this time
(Boom boom, I?ma make ?em go krazy)
Oh oh

I don?t think they?re ready chico
(Boom boom, I?ma make ?em go krazy)
They ain?t ready man
(Boom boom, I?ma make ?em go)
Hit ?em one time

Latinas, they get krazy
Blanquitas, they get krazy
Negritas, they get krazy
Yo mama, she gets krazy

Latinas, they get krazy
Blanquitas, they get krazy
Negritas, they get krazy
Yo mama, she gets...
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posted by jamislife
now, oso, oso de with me because i have never written a soapbox...so here it goes :)

whenever i turn on the radio i hear música like Sean Kingston and fergie blasting from the speakers. Maybe even, (dare i say it) Green día and Nickleback

Now if tu like this type of music, i am not trying to bash you. i just want to express my opinion and maybe mostrar tu some artists tu may like. there are so many artists out there that are amazing but i have forced myself to narrow it down to five.

1. One of my favorito! bands would be Oasis. this 90's british band has great lyrics and melodies. Some of the parte superior, arriba songs...
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posted by grahamb
 Someone is stumped already!
Someone is stumped already!
I was sent this image por a friend who challenged me to name them. however originally it was designed to promote virgin digital. And now i am passing on the callenge to you, my fellow fanpoppers... just how many can tu name?

To get tu started i'll give tu one of the respuestas (see, aren't i kind?)... at the back of the image tu will notice some apes! two of the apes are plastic and one is cg but what kind of apes are they?? they are gorillas! thus this is refering to the band Gorillaz! See its not so hard after all! so happy hunting fanpoppers!

If tu want to view a larger version of the image then head over to the imágenes section
If o when tu want the rest of the respuestas then holla at me and i'll send them your way. o tu could cheat and look them up yourself... but remember cheating is bad!
 How many can tu find?
How many can you find?
posted by jeniffer2200
Math,Math, City bitch!
Math,Math,Math City bitch!
Math is da beast
Math city bitch,math,math city bitch
10,10,10 20 equals 50 bitch
100 deep numbers in an X
Pi tu don't know tu fucking with?
Got my other X calculating My other X
Fucking all night calculators we ain't nerds
Make it sound so hard! i ain't answering it
Number guesser than a muthafucking paper shit!
Golden ratio last kings killing shit
Young money,Young money yeah we getting it
I got ya Y on my dick
Nerds tu know what it is
Math city,math,math,city perra (x3)
10,10,10 20s equals 50 bitch1
I'mma a motherfucking estrella (star)
Look at the + on my...
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posted by zanesaaomgfan
tu may o may not believe this but this, I think in my opinion, is true.

Credit: link

Lady Gaga taught me its ok to be different,

Ke$ha taught me to live life to the fullest while I have the time,

P!nk taught me to be myself and not care what other people think,

Taylor Swift taught me not every guy is going to treat me right,

Emimem taught me that life is hard, but tu make it through,

Bruno Mars taught me to do everything for that one person I love,

Michael Jackson taught me to amor the people around me,

música taught me how to live <3

If tu agree, comentario below. :3
posted by HannahStickles8
The Type of música starded as a subgenre of trance and still considered so por many people. Trance fans usually call is happy hardcore. However Nightcore fans prefer to not be associated with trace and don't like idea of naming a Nightcore as anything else.

Nightcore is characterized por a sped-up melody (sometimes), fast rhythmic beat (usually), and ALWAYS higher than normal pitch. Almost all Nightcore música are original songs Nightcored (Remixed into Nightcore) por Nightcore Fans.

Very popular is a belief that Nightcore is a Nickname of a person who remixes the songs. In Reality anyone who knows how to use a computer can Nightcore a song and subir it on YouTube.

Nightcore= trance + techno + high pitch

Best Nightcore Produced is Nightcorikal432 on YouTube
Some ppl just no wot Nightcore is!!!
posted by XDRoseLuvsHP
The appearance of singers seems to be a topic of confusion amongst people. I've decided to write out a full, complete response to this kind of a question.

Do looks matter? Does it matter what tu look like? Do tu have to be pretty to be a singer?

The answer: It depends. What type of singer do tu want to be?

If tu want to be a pop estrella - one that everyone obsesses over for a few years and claims is going to be super important in the history of songs, only to disappear completely after several years - then yes. Looks do matter. If tu want to be the siguiente Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato,...
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posted by clules11
Mother help me find my way
Will temptations sway my faith
My beliefs of purity
Are corrupted por insanity

Father guide me when I pray
Show me where to turn and when I stray...

As I swim sirenas dance with me
As I drown they romance with me
They sing sweet little harmonies
Louder and louder until I can't breathe

Hey blue bird on my shoulder
Can tu carry me over?...

If I had any meaning in this ol big world
Can tu tell a lost and lonely girl
If I was happy for a día I'd risk it all
That's why when I'm with I'm not afraid to fall

And if tu left me, and if tu leave me
At least I'd have a cherish...
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Keeping Secrets - Kicking Daisies

Something has got to
Be wrong with tu
I can't seem to read your mind
Is what they're sayin'
Really true?
Or is it just another lie
Built up this muro just to tear it down
Was it worth your time?
Thanks to tu things are different now
You have turned yourself around

How does it feel to be you?
You’ve got your eyes closed
'cause all tu do is see tu
But you'll never know

I’ve caught myself from falling for tu
I’ve stopped myself from being used
I’ll keep my secrets closed
I’ll keep my secrets from you
I’m not the one tu thought tu knew
This time the joke is...
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posted by justingurl99
To many people, música is nothing but a few metaphors with a catchy tune and good background music. To me, música is my life, my passion and my universe. It's the medicine I consume to let go of my pain. It's the only thing I listen to, to forget the past. The only thing I need to survive.
I've gone through a LOT already in the few years of life I've lived so far. I've been close to dying twice, and I've also been heartbroken and used. I've been betrayed por the one I thought I loved most. I was mocked and laughed at por the same person as well. But I get over the pain por listening to música and...
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posted by deathchick9
Len slowly opened his eyes to see he was laying in his cama it was quiet 'I must be the only one here...'.He got up to see his new home.He was alone in the digital world he now called home.As he explored his new inicial he found nine cama rooms each empty with only a computer, except for his which was full, three bathrooms, a kitchen,Landry room and family room with a big TV.
"Where am I?" Len thought out loud as he walked to the window to see nothing but black.Len backed away from the window and ran to his room.He lied in his cama till he fell a sleep.Weeks pasted, when he woke up he herd something...
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This is the pregunta that I am forced to face. The Beatles is, no question, the best band ever, right? Does that mean that the Fab Fours' harmonies are better than the playa Boys? If tu have ever heard the playa Boys and The Beatles, tu understand that this is a hard decision. Listen to The playa Boys song Surfin' USA. In this fun-loving song, tu can experience The playa Boys and their harmonies. But listen to The Beatles song amor Me Do. This song helped promote The Beatles, along with their harmonies. And now the question... who has the best harmonies? We may never decide for sure. But it doesn't matter. The playa Boys will continue spreading Good Vibrations and The Beatles will continue helping people Come Together.
posted by invadercalliope
I'm tired of being what tu want me to be
Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
I don't know what you're expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes

(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)
Every step that I take is another mistake to you
(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)

I've become so numb I can't feel tu there
Become so tired so much más aware
I'm becoming this all I want to do
Is be más like me and be less like you

Can't tu see that you're smothering me?
Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control
?Cause everything that tu thought I would...
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 Charli XCX
Charli XCX
Charli: hola Guys Charli XCX here and here's how my song Boom clap became a boom drop of some sort.
Kofi(Backstage at smackdown hears Boomclap on Sound system) Whoa what's that.
Sound guy: Charli XCX's Boom clap
Kofi: U don't say I'm the Boom dropper I wonder if she wants to give me that song.
So he goes to meets Charli at the AMA's
Kofi: hola U Charli
Charli: Yea who r u?
Kofi: My name's Kofi Kingston i work for the WWE
Charli right sure u do
Kofi: It's true anyway I'm here because I heard someone say u have a song called Boom Clap.
Charli: Yes I do why?
Kofi: U don't know this but I'm the boom Dropper...
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...And one tu should give a segundo chance.

I've been known to have música tastes that aren't for everyone. People tend to be a little crazy about what música they do and don't like but if it makes tu feel good who really cares, right? I was up last night watching música videos for one of the artists on here and I was thinking to myself "Why aren't they más popular? Why does nobody I know talk about them?" Then I answered my own pregunta and decided to inform the masses! So lets get started!

Lets start with the one tu should give a segundo chance...Carly Rae Jepsen. Of course tu know her, whether...
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posted by cassie-1-2-3
This is only my personal opinion. I’m not attacking anyone for having their own opinions. I’m only expressing my own opinion and asking tu to provide your own input. I’m trying my best to say all this without insulting anyone.

    I see and hear people all the time saying that rap is only someone talking to a beat about having lots of money, getting girls, and doing drugs. This may seem true to the unenlightened ear, whose sources are only that heard on the radio and MTV. Radio rap is mainstream music. Most of us know how corrupt mainstream música can be. Most of us...
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I was hoping if I could get serious and be formal with all tu people for a minute. I’m going to stick my neck out here and confess that I like Nelly Furtado. Nelly Furtado’s música like ...On the Radio (Remember the Days) is great. Currently, I have sincere concerns about the state of Nelly Furtado’s career and since people rather listen to basura música like radio, pop música and Nicki Minaj, I just want to gain some insight from everyone here on Nelly Furtado’s floppage.

I loved Nelly Furtado’s Whoa, Nelly! From 2000 and its singles, I'm Like a Bird and Turn Off the Light. I always thought...
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posted by hatelarxene
Well, it had to be done. I haven't seen any artículos like this. For real, I support parents who let their own kids listen & look up to real childhood idols. Not none of those fake-ass stars like Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, and Justin Bieber shit that little kids wet their panties over. Real role modelos are located in underrated channels that are not popular over looks.

If I had kids, I would not allow them to hear o watch anything on disney Channel, except for some shows like Stanly, That's So Raven, The Proud Family, & Kim Possible. Austin and Ally and Shake it Up, hell no, I don't wanna...
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First of all, I don't mean to offend any "monsters" lectura this.

I used to think Lady Gaga was okay, she had a few good songs, and was cute. But in late 2009, she just got wierd. Disturbing. First it was the Paparazzi preformance at the VMAS. Then the vid. Then she started doing all kinds of crazy shit.

But to me the most offensive thing she's ever done was wear that meat dress at the 2010 VMAS. I mean come on! How offensive! Even Ellen DeGenerous dicho so herself! I personally am not a vegetarian, but there are so many people out there who are, and that just sent an awful message to them! Plus...
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posted by cute20k
hola people! ☺ I came up with a lista of band names a while back when I was helping my brother with his band. He chose the name "Short-Change Heroes", which isn't on the lista because it's taken now. I'm not positive if all of these are free; if all of these aren't taken. But I decided to post them since I have nothing better to do. Read it. o don't. Eh, I don't give a crap, really.

-Acidic Kidney

-Acidic Risky

-Armored Heroes

-Arsenic Lemonaide

-Arsenic Manner

-Between Penalties

-Corporal Plague

-Criminal's Balcony

-Counterfeit Radar

-Dead end

-Distraction Flex

-Duck pato ZOMBIE

-Explicit Counterfeit

-Good-Natured Voodoo

-Haunted Pretense

-Heroes Unknown

-Intense Tide

-Mocked Gamers

-Muffled Affair

-Premature Masquerade

-Silencing Prelude

-Sinning Pope

-Sketchy Co-stars

-Slaughterhouse Vegans

-Something Chemical

-Vein of the Co-Stars

-Vivid panic