videos de música What makes a good música video?

sticky_music posted on Feb 01, 2013 at 09:35AM
So, what is your favourite music video and why? What makes it good and does it influence your feelings towards the artist/band?
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hace más de un año sclilley said…
Favorite music video: Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia
Reason: It's my favourite video and one of my favourite songs. The video is a live performance based on the concert that I went too, so watching the video back reminds me of the amazing day it was.
The video starts with a build up to the song introducing the group, and their joint careers over the past 3-5 years, the song that is included with the video is the last one they will produce together before splitting up, so that makes it better. Knowing that I went to the last show they performed in the UK and being included as part of the music video makes it more enjoyable to watch. To sum it up it gives me goosebumps pretty much every time I watch it.
hace más de un año PascalA94 said…
Favourite music video: Singin' in the Rain - Mint Royale
Reason: The reason for this being my favourite video is because it is on of my favourite songs. It is a very unique song with a very unique video, another reason for me liking the video so much. The video is a man street dancing in a tunnel, with what appears to be a robot made from scrap metal. The dancing, in the video, captures the energy of the song. It is a song that many people would enjoy dancing too, and the video clearly relays that to the audience.
hace más de un año katieapperley said…
Favourite Music Video: Try - Pink
Reason: This is my favourite music video because I love music videos with dance routines within them and this music video has a dance routine throughout. The dance routine tells the story between the two characters, who are telling the story that the song is speaking about.
hace más de un año laurenapperley said…
Favourite Music Video: We are never getting back together - Taylor Swift.
Reason: I like this music video because it shows a story about the girl. I also think the storyline that was being shown went well with the music. A further reason I like this music video is because it swaps from different locations through different transistions.
hace más de un año dianebourthis said…
Favourite Music Video: Maroon 5 - Payphone
What makes a good music video? I like dancing in a music video. Usually when they are portraying what is happening in the song.