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Scream (Trailer)

Saw (Trailer)

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (Trailer)

Push (Trailer)

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (Trailer)

National Treasure (Trailer)

Napoleon Dynamite (Trailer)

Miss Congeniality (Trailer)

Little Miss Sunshine (Trailer)

Knocked Up (Trailer)

Kill Bill Vol. 2 (Trailer)

Kill Bill Vol. 1 (Trailer)

Juno (Trailer)

Josie and the Pussycats (Trailer)

Girl, Interrupted (Trailer)

Garden State (Trailer)

Forrest Gump (Trailer)

Ever After (Trailer)

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Trailer)

Edward Scissorhands (Trailer)

Clueless (Trailer)

Cloverfield (Trailer)

Charlie's ángeles 2: Full Throttle (Trailer)

Charlie Bartlett (Trailer)

Bring It On (Trailer)

Baby Mama (Trailer)

Awake (Trailer)

Almost Famous (Trailer)

Alice in Wonderland (Trailer)

Adventureland (Trailer)

Across The Universe (Trailer)

Accepted (Trailer)

A navidad Story (Trailer)

500 Days Of Summer (Trailer)

13 Going On 30 (Trailer)

Sam&Austin | Mary&Joey | Catch Me

Landon & Jamie: Only Human

[tom/summer] She's Got tu High - (500) Days of Summer


Bang Bang [Mean Girls]

Narnia- The Battle

Edward/Bella - All About Us

All We Are ( Multi-Fandom )

[ Ashley Albright / Just My Luck ] - Suddenly I See

HOW TO BE || Only Human

Schindler's lista Video [theme por John Williams]

Audioslave - Shadow On The Sun (Collateral)

I'll Fly Away [O Brother Where Art Thou?]

Closer --- Sparrabeth

she's the man;funniest moments

New Moon || Hello

Sam & Austin (A cenicienta Story) - tu belong with me

Jack/Rose - May ángeles Lead tu In

The only one who's ever known | Driving Lessons

requiem for a dream // closer

The Wedding Crashers || WOMANIZER

Pride&Prejudice ; Something To Believe In

The terminator compilation

FACE OFF- Lying from tu

New Divide - Frodo/Sam

the way I loved tu {becoming jane}

Ron/Hermione & Elizabeth/Darcy - Set The fuego To The Third Bar

Wannabe [Mean Girls]

Wild Child: Freakshow

I amor tu Came Too Late --- 17 Again

Natalie/Keith Ordinary día

What If The Storm Ends - The Fellowship

"Marley&Me" Trailer

17 Again: Starting to learn

The cuervo - In the Shadows

The Notebook/A walk to remember: Collide

Clare & Henry: Run [the time traveler's wife]

Down With the Sickness --- Enough

breathe me; (MYSTERIOUS SKIN)

Susie Q | first time

I Can't Do This - Anakin Skywalker

Cruel [Clueless, Mean Girls, 10 Things...]

Believe ~ Sarah/Drover

Power of amor ~ Australia

Time of my Life ~ Drover

I'd Come for tu ~ Drover/Sarah

Push // Feeling a moment

Edie Sedgwick // Factory Girl // Until we bleed

Never had a friend like the Joker

District 9: Revenge of the Fallen

Boy Band Megamix - Multifandom

Dead Silence | Who´s The DUMMY?

Twilight : Bella/Edward - The Forever amor

Midnight Sun || Biology Class -- Edward's POV

Tristan + Isolde Epic Contest

On Fire- Noah/Allie

Troy - Instrumental

Final Destination Trailer

Anastacia- Once Upon a December

Fallen - Frodo/Sam

summer & tom ( 500 days of summer) \\ reverse of shade.

Multi-fandom | Time won't let me go

Darco Malfoy | Everybodys Fool

Gravity - R/hr & H/G

Multi-Fandom | Lavinia