cine What is your favorito! "profession of love" in a movie?

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The Wedding Singer ~ Robbie serenades Julia on the plane
The Sound of música ~ Georg tells Maria the real reason he called of his wedding
American Pie 2 ~ Jim crashes Michelle's band concierto
Pretty in rosado, rosa ~ Blaine shows up at Andie's prom
Pretty Woman ~ Edwards scales the stairs to Vivian's apartment
Gone With the Wind ~ Scarlett begs Rhett not to leave
Sense and Sensibility ~ Edward proposes to Eleanor
Wedding Crashers ~ John interrupts a wedding to beg Claire's forgiveness
Pride and Prejudice ~ Mr Darcy's confession of amor is not returned por Elizabeth
estrella Wars ~ Leia blurts out "I amor you" before Han is frozen
amor Actually~ When Mark (Andrew Lincoln) professes his amor for Juliet (Keira Kn
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Shakespeare in amor
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Moulin Rouge- Christian sings to Satine on the rooftop
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Say Anything_ John Cusack and his ghetto blaster
Say Anything_ John Cusack and his ghetto blaster
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Pirates of The Caribbean- Will tells Elizabeth how he loved her from the moment h
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Titanic- Jack tell&# 39; s Rose he&# 39; s thankful for...
Titanic- Jack tell's Rose he's thankful for meeting her and saves her life
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el fantasma de la ópera
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"As tu wish." [The Princess Bride]
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Twilight-Edward tells Bella he can't stay away from her any más
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Begin Again - Gretta writes a song for Dave
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