cine What is your favorito! "murder attempt" in a movie?

Pick one:
A Perfect Murder ~ husband hires wife's lover to kill her
The Blues Brothers ~ Jake's ex-fiancee keeps trying to kill him
The terminator ~ the robot just won't stop trying to get Sarah
Fatal Attraction ~ woman tries to kill her ex-lover's wife
Miss Congeniality ~ insane beauty pagent director tries to kill winner
Kill Bill ~ Beatrix is buried alive in a coffin
Lethal Weapon 2 - The bomb planted under the toilet
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Taxi Driver - Travis Bickle failed attempt to kill Senator Palantine
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Mr and Mrs Smith - They try to kill each other
Mr and Mrs Smith - They try to kill each other
Added by zuntiz
Probably Saw 1 - the reversed oso, oso de trap scene
Added by glezps
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