cine What is your favorito! "great escape" from a movie?

Pick one:
Kill Bill ~ Beatrix escapes from the coffin
Shawshank Redepmtion ~ It takes Andy 19 years to escape from his cell
Harry Potter and the Goblet of fuego ~ Harry escapes from the cemetary
Silence of the Lambs ~ Hannibal pretends to be a security guard to escape
28 Days Later ~ Hannah, Jim and Selena escape from the soldiers
Finding Nemo ~ Nemo escapes from the aquarium and out to sea
The Great Escape ~ POWs digging tunnel out of prison
Added by cressida
Chicken Run ~ The chickens spend an entire movie planning & executing their escap
Added by johnminh
Apocalypto ~ Jaguar Paw escapes his captures.
Apocalypto ~ Jaguar Paw escapes his captures.
Added by marissa
Cube Zero ( the entire movie is about escaping)
Added by House34
Escape From Alcatraz ~ Frank Morris escapes from prison
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Erin's escape - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Added by glezps
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