cine What is your favorito! car chase scene from a movie?

Pick one:
The Italian Job ~ A helicopter chases the cars into the subway
The Blues Brothers ~ A chase through the streets (and a shopping mall) of Chicago
The terminator 2 ~ John Conner is chased por a semi in a canal
The Fast and the Furious ~ a calle race that results in plenty of destruction
The Matrix Revolutions ~ The twins chase Morpheus and Trinity onto the freeway
Bullitt ~ one of the most famous car chases ever filmed
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Death Proof-Stuntman Mike vs zoe bell, rosario dawson and tracie thomas
Added by Earl-h
any James Bond Car chase
Added by lsutigerkk
Children of Men: The car chase scene where they have to push the car to make it s
Added by Tiina
Charlies ángeles - racecar goes on the main streets and then a battle on the bridg
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