cine High Flyers - Would u watch this?????

saramanusson posted on Sep 03, 2011 at 12:58AM
something i have been working on for a while now. would u watch it or does it suck?

The main story:

4 teenagers, 2 boys and 2 girls all starts boardingschool. they live in a rough part of Boston at a time where the gang war is at it´s highest. They live 4 very diffrent lives, but becomes great friends, some even falls in love. they must change their lifestyle, but just around the corner it´s calling for them. so who will say no and who will go back?

The characters:

Jackie: Lives in Charlestown with his alchoholic father, who beats him from time to time. his mother left when he was 4 and he hasn´t heard from her since. He has two older sisters, who dosen´t live at home. A typical weekend for him is to go out with his best friend Luke and have some fun, do some drugs get wasted and steal cars, pulling pranks on people often ending up spending the night at the police station.

Taylor: Also lives in Charlestown with her parents or actually she lives alone since neither of her parent are ever around. She is the young of four children. She likes to party, a little to much in fact. Drugs, shots and sex with strangers are her typical weekend.

Lauren: Is the good girl, she just moved to Charlestown with her mother and two sisters. After her parents divorce her mom got a job in Charlestown, she works with troubled teens. She hasn´t had much contact with her father since the divorce. She comes from California, and was an excelent student with straight A´s and never making any troubles. Her typical weekend is sitting at home with her mom and sisters watching a good movie, and going to bed early. so she can´t get up early again next morning to study.

Luke: Is the most troubled one. He also lives in Charlestown, but spends most of his time doing drugs and getting arrested in Dorchester. He is the youngest of 9 children. 4 of his siblings still live at home. Each one of his siblings is more troubled than the other, which also causes a lot iof problems at home. His parents are divorced, he lives with his mom who is a shrink. and his father is the vicepresident of the Charlestown Police Department. He has a twin-sister who was killed in a drive by shooting when she was 10, on christmas morning. Which is one of the main reasons for his and his family´s problems. A typical weekend for him spent with his best friend Jackie getting high and breaking the law, having some fun.

The Families:

Jackie: Jackie´s family stands of him and his alchoholic father, and two sisters. The sisters are 24 and 22 they don´t live at home. but Jackie is stills very close to them. His mother left the family when he was 4 due to his fathers drinking problem. the father beats him from time to time. being at home isn´t Jackie´s favorite thing, he seeks hiding at his best friend Luke´s house, or on the street.

Taylor: Taylor´family stand of her 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. Her sisters both live at home, while the brothers have moved out. She does NOT get along with her oldest sister, since she not exactly a nice person. Her parents both work a lot and are never around. They make a lot of money though, so the family is very rich. only problems is Taylor uses her money on drugs and booze.

Lauren: Lauren´s family is a happy and nice family. She lives with her older sister Melanie who´s in college and younger sister who´s around 4. Her parents just got divorced, which is why the family moved away. Her mother works with troubled teens on an institution. She hasn´t seen her father that much after the divorce but she is stills very close to him. She is also very close to her mother and sisters. Only problems is her parents can´t be in the same room together for more than 5 minutes without fighting.

Luke: Luke´s family is a very troubled family. It stand of him, his mother and father. Mother is a shrink who works with the police and with troubled teen at the same institution as Lauren´s mom. His dad is a cop, who spent all his time on his work. He´s very obsessed with fighting crime in Charlestown and Dorchester espically drugs and gang violence. most likely because of his children. He has 8 older siblings. Oldest one i Elliot, who dropped out of school at 13 and lived on the street stealing cars and doing drugs. when he was 16 he was sent juvinile for beating a gay blind with a pipe. He has just been declared unfit for work and lives at home without a job or education receving social security from the goverment. He makes a lot of money on making fraud with his brothers. Next one is Jake, he was gonna be always the "good son" growing up did good in school, stayed away from drugs, the family pride. but after Kelly`s death he snapped, he moved away from town at 17 and was gone for about 6 years before he came back. he didn´t have any contact with his family while he was gone. Luke`s hasn´t been able to forgive him for leaving. Next one is Matt. He´s the "good son" now, unlike his siblings he has really made a life for himself he`s in Stanford to become a lawyer gets goos grades, has a beautiful fiance, an apartment, everything he could dream of. But this dosen´t go well with his siblings. Next up is the triplets Quinn, Clay and Nathan. Quinn is the oldest girl, she a good kid. she struggled a bit as a teen but is over it now. she´s in school to become a teacher. she has a boyfriend Soren who she has been with since she was like 12. Soren is also one of the teachers at the boarding school Luke is attending. The family loves Soren and they love Quinn even though she has made a life for herself. Her they are proud of unlike Matt, who´s an idiot. Clay is very troubled. at age 14 he was sent out sailing in order to learn how to behave. at 18 he went to prison after he beatet a guy with a wrench. he was even sent to a fostercare for a while. he has a daugther Madeline with an ex-girlfriend who is not around anymore. Maddie and him live at home with his mother who helps taking care of her, while he goes out and gets high. Clay is the one with the biggest drug problem in the family. Nathan in the youngest of the triplets, he´s basically a good kid. like the rest of his brothers he was quite a troublemaker as a kid, and still isn´t over it. he´s not much of a drug addict but he likes to party and break the law, and do streetracing. he has been to court more than 50 times. Brooke is the baby girl (not counting Kelly), she got pregnant after prom when she was 17 and had a son. but she never told her boyfriend, he has no idea he has a son. she lives at home with her son, who Marlena (the mother) also helps take care of. she basically a good mother she loves her son more than anything, but sometimes makes some bad choice. she has problems getting a job, but would like to go back to college. Luke`s twin-sister is named Kelly. she died when she was 10. On christmas morning she was standing a bit down the street from where they live when a car drove by and shoot at her. she wasn´t the target, but was the victim of gang war. her death was the reason for the parents divorce and her siblings getting into problems. Elliot, Nathan, Clay and Luke are all members of the Boston gang Fighting Irish. fighting irish is at "war" against The Irish Mob another gang. the control the streets of Boston with an iron fist. espically the drug part.

i´m probably gonna change some things later, like their names and stuff like that.
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hace más de un año EclecticFan78 said…
You have a lot of good back story there, especially with Luke. As for if I would want to see this or not I would need to know a little more of the main plot, not necessarly how it all ends mind you but just a little more of the main story you are going to tell with the four friends. But I will say this does sound interesting, would more than likely make for a great independent film.
hace más de un año lloonny said…
this could b an article but whatever..........
good story :)