Not too long hace I made an articulo about my parte superior, arriba 20 favorito! cine of ALL-TIME, so I thought I'd do the same for what I consider to be the WORST cine ever made. Also, with a lot of these movies, I've discovered that they broke a rule that I strongly believe that every character has a personality no matter how poorly done they are unless they're VERY minor characters with one of two lines. In turns out tu can be so bad that tu don't give a character personality in several of these movies. If tu enjoy any of these movies, that's fine, this is just my personal opinion. Please comment, but be polite, and enjoy!

20.Jem and The Holograms

First of all, I never watched the original cartoon and even know it existed until a año o two of growing up on the internet, and yet I can tell that this is NOTHING like the cartoon! The characters, aside from Erica as the one-dimensional corporate sellout devil. Their personalities are as clear as a hologram. They couldn't even make their outfits o rockstar hair look anything like the cartoon. Even as someone who never watched the show, I can tell tu that if the movie didn't tell us that it was Jem and The Holograms that I would NEVER be able to guess that's who they are! Everything about this movie is a corporate sellout and is pretty much unintentionally trying to make every anterior generation hate this generation. It has absolutely no life and is just trying to do what's considered popular nowadays but will become dated later and not what's actually faithful and timeless. Also, what the hell is up with the girls always canto misceláneo notes in order to stop being mad at each other and makeup? That is NOT how things work! None of the characters have chemistry with each other that's the least bit interesting o even any common sense. Why don't they sell the robot to scientist, which would cause them to be rich as hell and still be rockstars? Also, why did they try to sneak into the studio when Jem is one of their biggest stars and Rio is the son of the owner? They should be able to just walk in without any problem! Not to mention how this movie will randomly play a youtube video that has NOTHING to do with what's going on with the movie is just STUPID! Plus the ending where they have actual fans of the mostrar talking about what they loved about the mostrar and actually edited it to make it seem like they're talking about the movie, which they hadn't seen yet and are CLEARLY NOT going to like! That is LOW on a completely new level! It's not higher because it does have some really good songs. Plus the fact that I didn't watch the original mostrar keeps me from being as mad as I probably should be.

19.Eight Crazy Nights

tu know that tu can't have a worst cine lista without having at least one Adam Sandler movie. This movie has all the problems that Sandler's bad cine (Which is almost all of his movies) have: horrible humor, a generic story, an unlikable protagonist, some good morals that are usually messed up por the execution, either boring o annoying characters, a plot full of holes, and is absolutely disgusting and juvenile. For goodness sake, will Adam Sandler just GROW UP already! Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depth are más versatile in Tim aparejo, burton cine than Adam Sandler is! The animación is pretty to look out and the designs are nice, which is probably why it's not higher, but that can't save the movie. I DESPISE gross-out humor in cine and this movie has plenty of that since Sandler likes to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I usually like to eat comida while I watch cine and if tu do too, this movie will ruin your appetite. Also, this movie has an unnecessary amor interest and just like all of Sandler's amor interest's, she's smart, attractive, and WAY out of his league. Sandler sure has a huge ego to constantly be doing that and that is definitely clear in this movie. In a shirts and skins game, the Adam Sandler character (which is meant to look like an animated version of him) is shown to be pretty ripped (Not massively) and that's CLEARLY not what Sandler looks like with his camisa, camiseta off. I have proof of that from seeing some of his other movies. As for Sandler's performance, he plays three characters, the protagonist is basically the standard performance tu get from Adam Sandler in his movies, while the other two are an old brother and sister where his performance is just AWFUL and irritating! Even the director of the movie admitted that this movie was awful, that should tell tu something! There is very little story here and is basically Adam Sandler just being Adam Sandler, unfortunately.

18.The Magic Voyage

This movie is absolutely HORRID! The animación is beyond cheap and is so ugly looking, the characters are either annoying o bland, the plot is complete nonsense, the voice actuación sucks, the songs are lame, the movie never shuts up, and this movie is complete bullcrap. If people think anastasia and Pocahontas are insulting to history (Both of those cine are fantastic), they are NOTHING compared to this movie being an insult to the story of Christopher Columbus. The only somewhat entertaining thing about the movie is Mickey Rooney's narration in the beginning, mainly because it's freaking Mickey Rooney, although I don't blame him for sounding so disinterested. This movie never knows how to just let itself slow down and breath because it's always making some kind of noise and it's absolutely obnoxious! It also can't seem to pick a plot for its movie between discovering America and having to fight some toro crap evil creature that wants to take over a fairy kingdom. The designs are also really weak, cheap, and unimaginative! This movie feels like an acid trip and tu have to see it to believe it. The characters are so obnoxious, aside from the Fairy Princess Marilyn, who is just bland and boring. The movements in this movie are beyond LAZY! This movie is complete crap! It's not higher because it's at least not as memorable as the others.

17.The cisne Princess Christmas

When I first saw the trailer for this I couldn't believe that it was actually real. It's absolutely horrendous! It's even worse when you're actually watching it. I mean first of all the animación is horrendous and the characters all look hideous! Look what they did to my gorgeous Odette! Plus what they did to Odette's transformation, they ruined one of the most stunning pieces of animated in existence. They completely ruined all of the characters, except for maybe Uberta. Secondly you're not going to get the plot, Rothbart's ghost is trying to come back from the dead, has a cat for a minion, wants to ruin Christmas, and his weakness is navidad bells. Yeah, tu heard right! This is also kind of insulting to have made this movie, especially after Odette's original voice actress (Who voiced her in all three of The cisne Princess cine before this movie) died from cancer. Also the songs, while good, don't fit the movie. They're basically pop versions of navidad songs, that REALLY doesn't suit them. Plus apparently Rodgers is the one who created the light bulb and they came up with the invention of lightsabers. Also guess how Rothbart is defeated, Odette sings and he explodes. Also Derek temporally dies and all Odette has to do is sing and he comes back to life. YEAH, tu HEARD RIGHT! They ruined a wonderful trilogy and one of my all time favorito! movies. If you've seen this then I say go back and watch the other three cine and you'll feel much better, it'll just feel like a bad dream. It's not higher because there's two nice scenes, where Rodgers and Uberta are threatening each other with cute animales and when Odette, Rodgers, and Uberta bring joy to a poor family.


This is without a doubt the WORST disney movie of ALL TIME! There is absolutely NO CONTEST when it comes to that because this movie is insulting to everything disney stands for. The actors are completely miscast, the humor is absolutely cringeworthy, the songs are generic and robotic pop crap with no life to them, the characters are stereotypes of stereotypes, the effects are horrible, the costumes are terrible, and there is clearly no respect o effort put into this movie AT ALL! The world is set in modern day, which is absolutely STUPID and is just an excuse for the filmmakers to have the characters get involved in shallow teenage things like makeup, video games, cellphones, taking selfies, saying horrible dated modern talk, and be hip. Also, how would these villains have kids when most of them died at the end of their movies. The children of the good guys are made to look absolutely horrible and unlikable just to make the children of the bad guys look good. The only exceptions are Ben and Lonnie, but they're both really bland and boring! The kids of the bad guys are just horrible stereotypes of what a five-year-old would think a villain acts like! Why the hell would they have the son of Cruella Devil be afraid of dogs? What sense does that make? Mal is the closest thing to a kinda enjoyable character but she still has her problems. The villains are absolutely insulting and treated with no dignity! I mean, they actually had Maleficent take a baby's dulces that her daughter had stolen, wipe it on her armpit, and give it back to the baby. THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH? Maleficent is FAR too dignified to wipe her armpit with a child's candy, let alone care about stealing dulces from a baby. This movie is absolute CRAP! It has no corazón o effort put into this! It not only ruins the good guys, it also ruins the bad guys! The only people who should enjoy this are little kids because it does everything 100% WRONG! It has the unforgivable sin of making the movie Maleficent look like the más faithful adaptation to Sleeping Beauty. At least that movie let Maleficent look más dignified, despite also being a terrible movie. It's clearly a cheap cash grab that's trying to cash in on the popularity of Ever After High (Which ironically is trying to cash in on the popularity of Monster High) and Once Upon A Time. Unlike Once Upon A Time, this movie does everything WRONG and is poorly done! I have a friend who doesn't like Once Upon A Time but admits it's well-made and objectively a good show. She cannot say the same thing for this movie! It's not higher because the others are worse.

15.Cool World

Out of all of the live-action cine on this list, this movie is the biggest acid trip. Yeah, I don't count this as an animated movie because Cool World doesn't have any animated backgrounds. Unlike el espacio mermelada and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, this movie doesn't put animated backgrounds when we're in the animated world. It just has animated characters in live-action backgrounds and it looks awkward. The actuación is absolutely horrible, the animación (Or what we have of it) is cheap, the story is all over the place, the characters are either boring o annoying, it never shuts up, and has no enjoyability. Apparently, there is a rule that toons can't have sex with normal humans o they will turn into normal humans. Well, what the hell is wrong with that? If they wanna be normal humans, what's the big deal? They also always have misceláneo things come out of nowhere in scenes that have nothing to do with them and never even address them. The designs are absolutely hideous and unappealing, aside from Holli Would, Lonette, Frank, and Jack. Although they CLEARLY put in más effort into the two animated female characters than anything else because they're the only appealing things to look at, especially Holli. This movie is a complete MESS and has nothing even remotely enjoyable about it! It's not higher because the others are just worse.

14.Rock and Rule

I honestly can't believe something like this actually exists. I mean for one the animación is absolutely hideous, all of the characters are hideous too. I mean a movie about half human half animal creatures, to me that's just something that shouldn't happen. It's really distracting from the actual movie for one. The characters are all annoying, except Angel. The most annoying is Omar, talk about a completely undeveloped total jackass. Actually none of the characters are developed at all, they have the development of a premature baby. The plot of the movie was stupid, I mean tu need one specific person to bring back a monster. WHAT THE HECK!? The villain is really lame and his minions are even worse. Also I have to say this movie comes up with the most misceláneo and weirdest stuff. I mean they mostrar tu a woman's butt, people almost having sex, a dudes butt, people high, club dancing while being half naked, and the language in this movie. I didn't even know what the heck I was watching. Plus the way they defeat the villain and the monster is por singing. tu heard right! It's not higher because while this does kill your brain cells the others are just insulting.

13.Son of The Mask

I will be honest when I say I've never seen the original movie and I'm honestly really depressed that I have seen this sequel! First of all, why the hell would tu cast Jamie Kennedy as the main character of the movie? The guy can't act to save his life and is always playing the same annoying and whiny man-child character. The CGI in this movie is absolutely HIDEOUS! What's meant to be comedic CGI imagery looks más like something that should be in a horror movie because it looks so terrible! The baby in this movie when they have him as a CGI puppet has the unforgivable sin of making the baby in Twilight look realistic por comparison. Yeah, the effects in this movie are THAT BAD! The humor in this movie is absolutely PAINFUL! The actuación in this movie is either bland o over-the-top! The editing in this movie is also really terrible because of the close up wide angle lens shots that make the horrible CGI look even worse and the weird culo transitions! The escritura in this movie is rushed, lazy, and awful! It makes absolutely NO SENSE and I don't care about any of these characters because none of them are written with any charm o charisma. I'm sure the original movie is FAR better and I just hope that if I do watch it one día that it gets rid of this unclean feeling I have from watching the sequel. It's not higher because the others are just worse.


This is a perfect example of taking a story that should be simple and charming and completely messing it up. This movie is about a little boy called North (Thankfully his last name isn't West) that feels ignored and unloved por his parents and decides to divorce them and find new parents. Again, on paper, it sounds like a simple story that should be harmless and charming but is the exact opposite of that. How tu may ask? Well, for starters references to pedophilia in this movie, which starts out in the beginning of the movie. North is having a panic attack because his parents are fighting and his dad suggests that they loosen his pants. WHAT THE HELL? What parent would suggest that? He's having a panic attack, not having psycho squirrels attacking him inside of his pants! That's the kind of thing that a pedophile says when he wants to rape a kid, not a parent trying to help his son when he's having a panic attack! Plus when North is in Hawaii the parents wanting to adopt him there decide to make a poster of North having his shorts pulled down mostrando his pale tan line butt in order to attract más tourists. First of all, Hawaii is one of the places that EVERYONE wants to go to for vacation, so I don't think tu need to worry about people wanting to come there. Secondly, why would mostrando a kid's pale culo get tu más tourism? It's DISGUSTING and would only attract pedophiles! What the hell is with this movie's fascination with this kid's private parts? Also there is this character played por Bruce Willis that is meant to be this charming mystical guide for North but just comes across as creepy. There is also a bunch of stereotypes of people from Texas, Hawaii, China, Paris, Alaska, and even briefly with Amish people. The whole time tu see these stereotypes that are insulting and not funny tu are wanting to shout at the filmmakers to READ A FREAKING BOOK AND DO RESEARCH! The jokes are awkward and unfocused. Every scene makes tu wonder what the hell tu just saw! This movie makes tu feel unclean watching it and unclean for days after tu watch it. Plus that stupid cliche of having it all just be a dream! The only reasons it's not higher are because Elijah Wood gives a good performance (Making a bland character kinda sorta likable) and the fact that Rema McEntire is in this movie and gets to sing (Actually making a bad song somewhat entertaining).

11.Titanic: The Legend Goes On

First of all for those of tu who haven't heard of o seen this movie, LUCKY YOU! It has absolutely the worst animación in existence. They reuse several clips and a lot of it is slow motion when it's suppose to be normal motion. It rips off not only the live-action film Titanic, it also rips off Cinderella, American Tail, 101 Dalmatians, and a little bit of Anastasia. They tried too hard to make Angelica and William look just like Rose and Jack. However they did horrible with William because he looks weird, Angelica wasn't that bad, she's pretty but not as pretty as Rose. I don't think they needed to make her look like Rose in order to make her pretty. They ripped off the collar from the live-action titanic and made Angelica's collar look just like it. Did they really have to have talking mice and animales in this movie? Was it really necessary? They were so annoying! I hate the Rapping Dog and that AWFUL rap he did! If I never hear it ever again for the rest of my life it'll be too soon. It just comes out of no where, a little ratón thanks him for saving him and he just raps for no reason. Angelica and William as a couple isn't bad but not that good, it's bla. It could use a lot of work and doesn't hold a candle to Jack and Rose. They weren't annoying characters but they're not that interesting either, I'm neutral about the. All the other characters are either annoying o just boring. The only thing I like about this movie was the song that singer lady sings, Holding Me. She has a beautiful voice and it's an amazing song. It's completely insulting to the Titanic! Did they even try with this movie?


A lot of people think that batman and Robin is the worst comic book movie of all time, and yeah that movie is awful, but this movie is MUCH worse! First of all, this movie doesn't even have freaking Selina Kyle as the main character and has some new character named Patience Phillips. Yeah, they have a character named Patience, who is absolutely timid as hell. That has to be the stupidest name that tu could give a character! The character isn't enjoyable and her transition into becoming Catwoman is stupid because it's not her own choice. There's some toro crap mythology about a cat god that breathes new life into dead women and gives them the power of Catwoman. That is absolutely idiotic! Speaking of stupid, her costume looks so ridiculous that not even a hooker o a stripper would wear it! The villain's motives and plan are absolutely ridiculous! She is spiteful because she's growing old and is making a product that will the ruin the looks of young and beautiful women if they stop using it. I'm pretty sure that the police will figure out that's her fault and she'll be sent to jail. Also, the makeup also seems to have the power of making your skin indestructible if tu keep using, so why don't people just keep using it. Hell market that stuff to the freaking military. Patience and her boyfriend have no chemistry and let's face it, if it ain't Selina and Bruce, we don't care! Plus how her boyfriend, who is a cop looking for Catwoman, can't seem to figure out that his girlfriend is Catwoman! I mean they have the same skin color, voice, handwriting, and both act like freaking CATS! I'm not even kidding, pretty much every scene involves bad cat humor. Like how she eats pescado and tuna like a cat, lands on her feet like a cat, sleeps on the counter like a cat, goes to a bar and orders milk, hisses at perros like a cat, hates the rain like a cat, purrs when she makes amor to her boyfriend, and even rubs catnip on her face. You've got to be kidding me! Crazy Cat Ladies would be calling her a Crazy Cat Lady and even a first grader would say that this isn't what Catwoman would be like! This almost makes me happy that Selina Kyle isn't in this movie because it means that this movie didn't ruin her and just ruins a character I don't care about. Halle Barry's performance is por no means good, but it's alright. There is nothing any actress could bring to this to make it good. Not even actrices who are MUCH better as Catwoman like Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns) and Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises) could bring a good performance to this movie. This movie is a special kind of bad! It's not higher because the others are just worse in my opinion.

9.The Princess and The Goblin

I'm jealous of anyone who hasn't seen this movie and wouldn't wish this torture on my worst enemy, well maybe I would if I was bored. I hate every single thing about this movie! First the animación is absolutely horrendous, almost as bad as Titanic: The Animated Movie. The worst is when the nanny trips and she flies in the air for like five eight segundos before she hits the ground It's so horrible I'm surprised Nostalgia Critic hasn't reviewed it yet. First of all the main protagonist Princess Irene, let's just say she's the animated version of Bella cisne from Twilight, in fact she might be worse. She's the most whiny, annoying, stupid, weak, pathetic, useless, damsel in distress heroine in existence. She always needs saving, even when she tries to save someone all she needs to do is take one step and she needs to be saved again. The leading man is a little boy named Gurdy. He's basically a know-it-all, annoying, stupid, and useless. All the characters in this movie are irritating, I hate every single character in this movie, they're so annoying and stupid. Prince Froglip is the worst of all the characters, he's so annoying and stupid. Apparently in this movie there's only two weaknesses that the goblins have; whenever someone sings and whenever someone steps on their feet. That's so stupid! You're telling me that evil creatures weaknesses are that? Absolutely everything about this movie is stupid. The songs in this movie aren't that good either. Gurdy is an amazing singer I will admit, he has a wonderful voice. But the characters don't even develop o grow as characters, especially Irene and Gurdy. They do stupid things and only win on account of dumb luck. When I first watched this I kept pulling on my hair trying to wish it was over. It's absolutely horrible! It's not a likable movie AT ALL! I felt like I was slowly dying.

8.The navidad Tree

There is absolutely no doubt about it that this is the WORST navidad movie of ALL-TIME! The animación is beyond horrible! It looks hideous, cheap, there is barely ever any movements, the designs a uncreative, the facial expressions are pretty much nonexistent (Aside from Mrs. Mavilda), and a five-year-old with colored pencils could do a better job than this! The characters have absolutely no personalities, except for Judy, Mrs. Mavilda, and somewhat the Mayor but all of them have one-dimensional personalities. The voice actuación in this movie is absolutely the WORST I've ever seen in any animated product. They are all so emotionless and dead, which goes with their lifeless facial expressions, so tu wonder if any of them are actually alive. Mrs. Mavilda is the only one who shows emotion, but she's so over-the-top that she makes Nicholas Cage look subtle. She screams to the parte superior, arriba of her lungs and screeches so much when she's really angry that Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers would be telling her she needs to chill out and shut up! There is very little story and just as little personality in almost all of these characters! There is absolutely no effort put into this movie! It's one of those cine that tu have to see in order to believe it actually exists because it isn't that well-known but is THAT BAD! It's getting más attention as being known as the WORST navidad movie of ALL-TIME! It's so bad that I don't even know what else to say about it because of how little effort was put into it.

7.The Legend of The Titanic

Yes, another animated titanic movie but surprisingly this one is even worse than the other one. I'm surprised that this one didn't win the award for the worst movie ever. It's a complete disgrace to the titanic and the people who lost their lives. No one even dies in the movie, apparently everyone gets off the ship safely and there's enough boats for everyone. Those who didn't get off were rescued por whales, dolphins, a killer whale, and an octopus. That's so stupid! Plus guess what, in this movie the ice burg was actually planned out to happen. It was because of a man, his butler, the heroines wicked step-mother, her sister, and this gang of talking sharks that they can understand from out of no where. The sharks tricked the octopus into bringing an ice burg above the sea. Yeah because that's the way is happened in real life, NOT! Once again there's talking mice in this movie, except their más irritating. All the characters are either annoying o just bla. Elizabeth's not even pretty. The amor story is stupid, it just comes out of no where. They just saw each other for one second, they're in love, than suddenly even though they've never spoken to each other they wanna get married. Plus the leading man is creepy like Edward, he constantly sniffs Elizabeth's glove, like every five minutes. Elizabeth practically estola Rose's entire wardrobe and she's in an arranged marriage just like Rose. At the beginning she refuses to marry him and her dad says she has to but later when she says she can't marry him he's all like "Oh tu don't have to, I just want tu to be happy". WHAT THE HECK? WHY DID HE CHANGE HIS MIND SO RANDOMLY! HE'S SO STUPID! Plus Elizabeth can suddenly talk to dolphins because she was crying. Than why can she talk to every animal in the movie? Also why can every human character in the movie talk to animals? LAZY escritura PEOPLE! Plus guess what, the octopus comes above and tries to keep the ship from sinking, yeah that's not historically inaccurate at all. Not one character in this movie dies, not even the bad guys. The dolphins can apparently jump out of the water and float in the air for as long as they want to because of bad animation. This movie is a disgrace to the Titanic, the people who died on the Titanic, and to animated cine everywhere. I wouldn't wish anyone to see this movie, not even the person I hate the most in the entire world.

6.Battlefield Earth

Boy this movie is absolute CRAP! This movie has absolutely no intelligence o effort put into it. First of all, the aliens that have taken over Earth are the most unoriginal looking aliens that I've EVER seen in my entire life! They just look like humans with dreadlocks, weird eyebrows, long fingernails and nose hairs that are so long that tu mistake them for super long beards! Some of them just have weird looking chins, but most of them don't really look like aliens. That is just LAZY AS HELL! The aliens are also SO STUPID that it's increíble that they actually managed to enslave the human race. They don't speak our language and know NOTHING about how we live, so how could they know how to defeat us. Plus how they actually decided that it would help for the humans to be better slaves to them por teaching them their language, how to fly their ships, and even how to use their weapons is beyond STUPID, especially since they know they want to overthrow them. It's like they're practically gift wrapping them their victory! Aside from the main villain played por John Travolta having an over-the-top personality, none of the other characters have any personalities. All of the actors are so over-the-top and none can give a single good performance. I blame this más on how horribly written the movie and characters are and not the actual actors. There is nothing clever in this movie and all the characters, especially the villains, are so stupid. The main character actually had the villain right where he wanted him and decided not to kill him, which was stupid because he ended kidnapping his girlfriend and then killing a misceláneo guy in the rebellion. This movie also has awful editing because the camera is always tilted and it always transitions to a different scene with a curtain wipe. Really? I could use a better effect than that on my iMovie program! This movie is absolutely HORRENDOUS and STUPID! As someone who doesn't care for the sci-fi genre, I can tell tu this is an insult to the genre! It's not higher because the others are just más painful!

5.Garbage Pail Kids

First of all, I NEVER liked the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. I thought they were disgusting and stupid. However, the idea of turning that into a movie is absolutely idiotic with disastrous results! These trading cards were already a dumb idea, so what would make tu think that they would be a good idea for a movie. The Garbage Pail Kids have absolutely no personality outside of being gross and obnoxious! This movie also has my all-time least favorito! cliche, the one-dimensional bully. The bullies in this movie have terrible lines, act so over-the-top that Nicholas Cage would be calling them hams, and are high schoolers (Who look like they're in their mid-twenties) picking on an elementary schooler. What the hell is the point? The actor playing the kid, who is best known for being on The Facts of Life, is the only good actor in this movie. He makes a character that's so blandly written actually be kinda sorta likable. The story is a complete mess because first it started por having no real story, then tu have some stupid fashion story, and then some toro crap story about police who arrest people for being ugly. Really? Then how come people like Cher, Marilyn Manson, and Lorde haven't been arrested por now? The climax, if tu can even call it that, is clunky, stupid, and disgusting. This movie is idiotic with horrid humor even por Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go! standards! It's not higher because I can at least forget it más easily than the others.


This is the most HIDEOUS looking movie that I've EVER seen in my entire life! The animación in this movie is absolutely CRINGEWORTHY, which is surprising because this movie had such a huge budget. What? Did the actors read the script and decide to quit unless they were offered más money. There is no texture, nothing appealing, it's plastic and lifeless, and is just HORRENDOUS! The characters in this movie are stereotypes of stereotypes with little to no personality and not one of them is likable o memorable. It has several terrible designs that are just downright frightening! Every time I see these things in pictures o reviews of the movie (Because I REFUSE to watch this movie again) I scream worse than Courage The Cowardly Dog! I have no idea what kind of messed up mind thought up these designs but CLEARLY they were BLIND! The story is an absolute MESS that is so BAD that even bad fanfiction writers would be saying the escritura is it's embarrassing! A lot of the dialogue is ridiculous! Like a lot of these movies, this movie is something that is such a bad acid trip that it's hard to believe it actually exists unless tu see it for yourself. Although, even then it's still hard to believe anyone could be this stupid to make this movie! It's not higher because the others are just worse!

3.The Room

People seem to think this movie is so bad it's good, but I completely disagree. I think it's so bad that it's mind-numbingly stupid! The characters in this movie have absolutely NO personality o development at all! It doesn't help that none of the actors in this movie can act, especially Tommy Wiseau, who is the most untalented actor of ALL TIME! There is also absolutely no story and it's just a bunch of misceláneo and awkwardly done events. However, unlike something like The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, it's not done in a way where we learn más about the characters in a simple setting and grow to amor them, but just a way to have your brain cells die! Hell, this movie is so awful that the sex scenes in this movie would be ridiculous even por Fifty Shades of Grey standards. There is never a point to anything in this movie and it's just done for the hell of it. They clearly didn't know what the hell they were doing and just have a bunch of crap they pulled out of their culo happen. Nothing about this movie was done right and it was just 100% done WRONG! It's not higher because the other two just have a más special kind of hatred for me.

2.The Last Airbender

This movie is an absolute disgrace to the best TV mostrar of ALL-TIME! The actuación is absolutely HORRIBLE with actors that are casted completely wrong. The cast is completely whitewashed, except for the villains. The only actors in this movie that weren't awful were Dev Patel, Seychelle Gabriel, and Summer Bishil. These three are talented actors, but the aren't able to give good performances in this movie because of how horribly done it is, but they weren't bad. The escritura in this movie is beyond horrendous and lazy, the effects are terrible, the characters have no personality, and it fails both in trying to be a faithful adaptation and a stand alone movie. The biggest problem with this movie is all the freaking exposition in this movie that takes away any humanity and personality the characters have. The characters from the mostrar that I amor SO MUCH have been reduced to these empty shells that are basically reduced to words of exposition. It's like lectura a dictionary instead of an exciting book, tu learn something but you're not invested. That is probably why even the really horrendous actors in this movie are even worse because their characters have no life o humanity. It does everything absolutely WRONG! The outfits look good and visually interesting, but that's pretty much it. They took away the strong bonds that the characters had with each other and the audience had with them. They sum up all important and powerful scenes from the mostrar in just one simple sentence. I'm not one of those fans who will hate something just because it's different from the original fuente material, I'm a fan who will hate someone for not being at least faithful o captures the spirit of the fuente material. There's an episode in the mostrar where all three seasons are recapped before the finale but it's performed in a stage play that is overly exaggerating everything. That was más faithful than this movie EVER was and it was intentionally not supposed to be faithful! Everything about this is done so stupidly and unfaithful to the mostrar that the fandom avoids the subject of this movie like the characters in Harry Potter avoid saying Lord Voldemort. It's not higher because number one is just 100% UNBEATABLE!


Yeah apparently the original was popular enough to have produced a sequel. HOW? I mean everyone absolutely hates the original. Why would they make a sequel to it. It's actually even worse, the worst movie that ever was. For once the animación is even worse. First of all they actually have a rapping Shark, and it's even worse than the rapping dog. They're trying to find the Titanic, yeah because that technology really did exist a año after the titanic sunk. Also apparently the villains are the sharks from the original who send notes to the villain of the original and his butler. It keeps on getting worse, trust me. They have Atlantis with mermaids, merman, and talking toys. Basically a bunch of rejects from Toy Story, The Nutcracker Prince, Disney's The Little Mermaid, and even that terrible anime version of The Little Mermaid. The new characters, especially that toy fish, are annoying. Something that really bugs me is that the voices aren't the same, the Spanish ratón sounds like an American woman. I guess they all realized what a waste of their time and talent the original was. They're dado an drink and they decide to drink it because it's a pretty color, which it's not, it's puke green. The song the pescado sings is just AWFUL. Apparently since they drank the magic whatever they can't leave Atlantis and they're okay with it. I mean I'd be furious if they gave me something without telling me and told me I couldn't leave so I couldn't see my family o friends again. Also there's another set of villains working with the sharks and original villains and it's a team of rata rebels. tu HEARD RIGHT! Plus there's this character who looks like a little girl but it's not, apparently he was cursed to wear a wig and he can't take it off but when he goes into battle he takes it off. tu HEARD RIGHT! Also here's the worst part they actually put the titanic back together and it can sail again. tu HEARD RIGHT! I can't believe they're not más upset that they can't go back home, I mean Elizabeth has her father and one mice has his wife who's the others sister. Which I don't get since in the original that ratón tells the original story. So if he can't leave than WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS? This movie can't even do justice to the original, which was already horrible and didn't need a sequel. I think the original was meant to have kids commit suicide and when enough kids didn't do it they decided to make a sequel to it. This is por FAR the WORST movie of ALL TIME! I'm scared for life from having to watch this!